PureLink Introduces 18G Fiber Cable for 4K/UHD Applications

Company's EZH2 Offers Higher Resolution HDMI 2.0 Connectivity at Lower Price

PureLink, a global provider of advanced UHD video signal management solutions, announced today the availability of its new EZH2 Integrated Active Fiber Optic Cables, as part of its HDTools line of switchers, converters, amplifiers and extenders. These new fiber cables support HDMI 2.0 technology and are HDR (High Dynamic Range), HDCP 2.2 and CEC compliant. The cables are available in a variety of lengths, from 10 to 100 meters, and support resolutions of 4K/60 4:4:4 at 18 Gbps.

PureLink has been a pioneer in the engineering and manufacturing of matrix switching systems since its inception in 2001. The company not only invented the world's first digital matrix switcher, but also produced the first HDCP, and modular cross-platform digital matrix switchers. Within its HDTools line are a variety of new HDMI 2.0 systems and components offering high bandwidth 18Gbps content pass-through. The EZH2 cables were developed to provide reliable solutions in addressing next-generation integration requirements, with the expanded bandwidth necessary for UHD quality signal management to deliver a more seamless overall transition to 4K connectivity.

With plug and play capabilities the EZH2 requires no additional external power supply, and is immune to electrical noise in the form of EMI or RFI disruptions. It is Plenum-rated, with special insulation that has low smoke and low flame characteristics for installation in any air handling space. Designed with a flexible jacket its rugged construction means that it can easily be pulled through conduits and sustain difficult turns for quick, versatile installations.

"The industry has been clamoring for an HDMI 2.0, UHD, 4K 60 4:4:4 transport medium for some time,," said Kevin Kang, PureLink's Technical Sales Director. "The EZH2 offers real time EDID and HDCP handshake with no signal attenuation," he stated. "It protects the signal against EMI and RFI to ensure uninterrupted performance and, with its commercial grade plenum jacket, it is ideal for an in-wall installation environment," added Mr. Kang. "It delivers ultimate reliability and convenience for an easy-in, easy-out fiber transport solution," he concluded.

For more information about PureLink's new EZH2 integrated fiber cables, please visit their website or call 201-488-3232.

About PureLink

PureLink designs and manufactures the world's most respected HD Video connectivity solutions, consisting of products such as Cross-Platform Digital Modular and Integrated Matrix Switchers, Presentation Systems, CATx/Fiber Optic Extenders, Format Converters, Video Switchers and Distribution Amplifiers, along with accessories such as Signal Analyzers, Audio Downmixers, Digital Signal Isolators, and DisplayPort, Fiber Optic, and HDMI Cables and Adapters. Founded in 2002, PureLink has quietly pioneered the exploding HD Video connectivity space, inventing 1080p HDCP matrix switching along with the large-scale DVI Matrix Switcher. PureLink goes Beyond 4K. For further information on all PureLink product offerings please go to www.purelinkav.com.

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