FreeLight, The Device That Helps Users Control Their Lights From One Switch, Launches on Kickstarter

FreeLight lets users easily control multiple lamps in a room using one existing light switch

FreeLight is an easy-to-install system that allows users to easily turn on multiple lamps using their existing light switch in any room. FreeLight has just launched on Kickstarter and is currently looking to raise $20,000 to bring their product to life.

FreeLight lets users power multiple lamps using an existing light switch. As easy as "plug, plug flick," FreeLight makes the home smarter without needing a smart home or related accessories. There is no application needed that tends to makes the simple process of turning the light off unnecessarily complicated. It does not require an electrician for installation, and makes extension cords obsolete. FreeLight can be used in any room that has a switched outlet. It's is perfect for those that don't want to invest in expensive smart home products, but want a more convenient way to control their switches. It is an ideal device for renters who cannot mess with the wiring in their home.
"FreeLight was created to connect the home without it becoming unnecessarily complex, like many smart home devices," said creator Pedrum Minaie. "With FreeLight all you have to do is plug a FreeLight transmitter into a switched outlet and plug in the receivers anywhere else. We've made it very simple for everyone to use and think that everyone can find a use for this in any room of their home."
FreeLight makes it easy to plug in lights when there may not be a switched outlet nearby. Extension cords are unsightly, so lamps are able to be plugged into the receiver to be turned on by a switch across the room. FreeLight is ideal for people who cannot change the infrastructure of their living area because they are either renting or do not want to change electrical outlets because of safety concerns. It is all about simplicity and cost-effective convenience.
FreeLight will be available to early adopters for $40 which is 50% off the future retail price. For more information, visit
About FreeLight
FreeLight and 314 Development Founder Pedrum Minaie has been working to produce a final product since summer of 2016. Pedrum is an engineer who has spent his career developing implantable medical devices. He created FreeLight to incorporate simple convenience into people's lives and offer people the ability to add additional lamps to a room with little to no effort. For more information, visit

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