Why Sonance Speakers Are This Summer's Must-Have Garden Technology

As the warm weather finally arrives, London Sonance dealers are reporting a surge in demand for the brand’s powerful and stylish outdoor speakers.

As the warm weather finally arrives, London Sonance dealers are reporting a surge in demand for the brand's powerful and stylish outdoor speakers.

What is it about these next-generation audio solutions that makes them this summer's must-have garden accessory?

Here, the AV installation specialists at Pro Install AV explain exactly why Sonance is such an impressively in-demand brand.
Unbeatable Audio Quality Delivered by World Class Technology
Originally renowned for their stunning range of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, Sonance deliver the same unrivalled audio quality outside the home as they do inside.

Every sound that comes through your speakers comes through crystal clear, all as bold, as sharp, and as crisp as you could ever hope to hear.

Though different systems are available, many customers work with their Sonance installer to integrate the state-of-the-art Sonarray into their gardens.
Effortlessly filling outdoor spaces of up to 185 square metres (2000 square feet) Sonarray's below-ground subwoofer works in conjunction with eight satellite speakers to present smooth, even audio distribution right throughout the garden.

Discreet Outdoor Speakers That Won't Clash With Your Beautiful Garden Design
Beyond the outstanding sonic performance itself, the main reason why so many are investing in Sonance, is that they deliver that performance from speakers which are so small they can be hidden among bushes, in plants, and at other discrete locations around your garden.

Your London Sonance dealer can even help you with choosing the best locations to enjoy maximum quality with minimal impact on the aesthetic charm of your own outdoor paradise.

With the Sonarray set-up, the eight satellite speakers have been purposefully designed to hide amongst your plants, creating a unique ambiance that feels as though every sound is radiating from the very Earth itself.

The brand's other highly popular set-up, the Sonance Landscape Series, is also designed to disappear into your garden, fully camouflaged by the surroundings whilst still delivering the kind of amazing acoustics you'd expect from an industry leader like Sonance.

Fully Scalable to Suit Any Outdoor Space
Based on our own experience, our AV installation specialists have another reason to love the Sonance Landscape Series, and that's the product's remarkable flexibility.

Whether you're planning to bathe a vast, outdoor oasis with lush, acoustic excellence, or simply pump a little background music into your outdoor pool area, the series is fully scalable to fit outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Powerful Hardware Built to Thrive in Any Conditions
Of course, the one major problem with garden technology, is that it is can be susceptible to the elements.

If not built to the highest possible standards, harsh weather conditions could well result in some serious damage which, if not entirely impossible to fix, will at the very least take a bite out of your bank balance.

Fortunately, Sonance have thought of everything, and built their speakers to keep sounding great no matter what Mother Nature has in store for them.

Both the Sonarray and the Sonance Landscape Series have been engineered to keep on thriving even in extreme temperatures ranging from -29˚ to 88˚ C.

Meanwhile a series of marine grade components and triple-sealed enclosures ensures that your waterproof garden speakers can withstand everything from blazing sunshine to blistering snow, and everything in between.

Compatible With Other Leading Home Automation Brands
If you already have a smart home automation installation in your property, you'll be pleased to know that your Sonance speakers can be fully integrated into that system.
Once integrated, you'll enjoy even greater freedom and flexibility in the way you interact with your home.

Imagine using one pre-set outdoor scene to slowly raise the outdoor lights and play your favourite relaxing music through your Sonance speakers as the sun goes down, creating the perfect ambiance for those evenings spent relaxing in your own haven of tranquility.

Or, how about combining your Sonance set-up with your home security solution, using the speakers to blast out an intruder-deterring alarm in case of trespassers, ultimately keeping your home and your loved ones safe, when you're not there in person.

The possibilities really are endless.

Unrivalled Service from Your Sonance Installers
Whilst powerful, discreet hardware and unrivalled audio quality are undoubtedly important, these cutting edge garden speakers would not have become this summer's most essential outdoor technology without the expertise of London Sonance installers who understand exactly how to make the most out of every system.

At Pro Install AV, that's just what we do best.

When you work with us, we take time to really get to know you, your space, and your ideas, before coming up with a bespoke outdoor audio solution that is perfectly suited to your garden and your lifestyle.

For a free, no obligation consultation, talk to London's leading Sonance dealer today. Contact Pro Install AV online (http://www.proinstallav.co.uk), or call now on +44(0)20 7096 0078.

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