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The Homeowner's Trifecta

PORT JEFFERSON, N.Y., June 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Home automation and smart technology are continuously flooding the consumer markets making the options for tech solutions all the more overwhelming. has joined forces with TiO Home and Powers Energy Solutions to provide their customers with the most complete and up-to-date home automation system and excellent customer service. For home buyers aiming for a fully automated and intelligent system without the setup hassle, TiO and MovingIn101 have trusted their installations to the very capable hands of Powers Energy Solutions' top-rated, professional installers.

"We're pleased to be working with two great companies, MovingIn101 and Powers Energy Solutions, to bring TiO's uncommonly simple home automation solution to new homeowners," said Sanjay Patel, President and Chief Executive Officer of TiO. "With the growing trend of homeowners looking for simple and easy to use home automation solutions, we are looking forward to working with both companies to help bring TiO to even more homeowners."

"As Partner of a company that aims to provide customers with the best options available, extending a partnership to Powers Energy Solutions and TiO was a no-brainer," said Greg Galik, CEO of MovingIn101. "The superior quality of TiO's system is obvious when compared to similar products and the expert services of PES are next to none; I feel confident that our company standards will be maintained through this partnering and I am pleased to represent their products and services on our website."

"We are very excited about working with TiO and MovingIn101," said Jason Powers, CEO of Powers Energy Solutions. "We are constantly looking to provide our customers with the latest tech but we also want to ensure that anything we market is tested and proven to be of top-rated quality; with TiO's intuitive design and the product accessibility offered by I feel that our clientele will be more than pleased."

About MovingIn101: is the ideal way to shop for updated fixtures and replacement options to fit just about anyone's unique tastes and styles. Catering to post-close Homeowners and Builders, MovingIn101 offers a wide range of products and professional installation ranging from window treatments to smart home technology. With a 30-Day return policy, low price match guarantee on all qualifying items, and free shipping, MovingIn101's risk-free standards are hard to come by in competitive markets.

About TiO Home:
Whether you are seeking a move-in-ready smart home or a retrofit installation, TiO Home Automation is the perfect solution for those wanting to connect their lifestyle with the modern world without all the complications. TiO is easy to use and unlike other home automation systems which are built up through modular means, TiO comes as a complete package so there is no need to troubleshoot whether or not your camera will communicate with your speakers - or anything else for that matter.

About Powers Energy Solutions:
Represented across the continental U.S. in 25 major cities and growing, Powers Energy Solutions is the top-rated pro installer for many reputable brands. Powers Energy's aim is to provide their clientele with the best and most efficient products on the market without sacrificing environmental concerns. Backed by a highly skilled team of licensed Technicians, extended warranties on select product installs, and a motivated support staff, Powers Energy Solutions exceeds industry standards on all counts.

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