Stealth CoverArttm and Image III Art Speakers – A Winning Combination

Conceal Your Board or Conference Room Technology with Art or Branding Messages

Orlando - Few things annoy architects and interior designers more than having AV technology compete with their aesthetic goals.

You've probably experienced it yourself; an inactive large flat-panel display looming darkly on a wall flanked by unsightly speaker boxes, distracting eyes from the intended design outcomes of carefully selected room finishes, furniture and accouterments - a veritable definition of the term "wall acne".
Dark displays and bulky speaker boxes do nothing to add value to a space until they are used - think how unappealing if a dealer had all their TV's showing nothing but blank screens. The nagging question is why isn't there a better solution to get great AV performance while enhancing a room's aesthetic and artistic desirability at the same time?
There is a way to create more pleasing room spaces and have an AV system actually add value when it is not being used, by hiding flat panel screens behind motorized and beautifully framed printed custom images and by turning ugly wall speakers into high-performance art. Stealth Acoustics' CoverArttm product and Image III speakers do just that.
CoverArttm is a simple to install and surprisingly cost effective screen hiding solution, custom-built to fit virtually any flat-panel display with a wide selection of available frame styles and the ability to incorporate any hi-resolution image as movable art. When the AV system is energized, CoverArttm magically retracts the artwork to reveal the screen. When the system is turned off, the artwork automatically lowers turning the display once again into framed art, a corporate logo, a product picture, or a family portrait. Customized creativity drives the visual outcome, not stock factory product appearances.
And what about speakers? Most on-wall speakers have exposed grills, limiting customization to painting the devices while carefully avoiding damaging delicate components exposed behind the grill. In stark contrast, Stealth's Image III speakers utilize a highly-durable and patented FidelityGlasstm solid flat-front radiating surface allowing for unprecedented speaker finish options that can be safely painted, imprinted with custom images or covered with wood veneers to perfectly match a room. Even with such customization, audio performance of an Image III speaker remains impressive, delivering full-range hi-fidelity sound so evenly distributed that sound coverage is more complete and balanced throughout the audio range than with traditional speakers.

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