Projector Reviews Releases 2017-2018 Education Projector Report has released its 9th annual Education Projector Report, an in-depth guide for educators and IT/AV managers choose the right projector for their K-12 classrooms and higher education lecture halls. This year’s Best In Classroom Award winners include projectors from Epson, NEC, Casio, Optoma and Sony.

Projector buying season is upon us, from K-12 to higher education. With so many projectors to choose from (hundreds), finding the right projector for your education applications can be a daunting task. Projector Reviews has compiled an in-depth report of this year's best classroom projectors so that educators can narrow the choices quickly to those that will serve their schools best.

This past year, Projector Reviews has reviewed one projector in each of 16 different projector series, representing 8 top manufacturers. Those series include more than 70 individual projector models, which share primarily the same basic feature sets, but varying slightly in brightness, resolutions, and in some cases - having networking capabilities, or not.
All the projectors included in the report are especially suitable for education use, with most having feature sets considered typical for projectors designed to sell well to K-12, higher education - or both.
Most companies have defined discounts for education, or offer programs with their dealers, providing special pricing or other discounts to allow the dealer to be more competitive on school bids. Education is the largest market for projectors in the US, and purchases are often high volume, which is why some companies offer aggressive programs for school purchases.
This year, Projector Reviews has organized the annual report and handed out "Best In Classroom" Awards to the best of those reviewed, in three separate categories:
Standard Projectors (typically K-12 classroom use)
Large Venue Projectors (suitable for those larger university/college classrooms handling 50 to 400 students in lecture halls, large labs)
Ultra Short Throw (UST) projectors and fully interactive projectors
Projector Reviews gave out Best Value and Best Performance awards in all three "classes."
This year's winners include projectors from (in alphabetical order): Casio, Epson, NEC, Optoma, and Sony.
All of the Large Venue projectors considered in the report claim at least 5,000 lumens, which should be plenty for those large university classrooms and lecture halls.
The report also includes information on all the previous year's winners - that is, all that are still available in quantity. One caveat: They must be available at least through the end of this summer's buying season. Projector Reviews considers still-current, previous year's winners to be fully competitive with the new award winners, however, those previous winners are not eligible for another award this year.
A taste of the winners:
Best Value: Standard Projector - NEC NP-ME331W
Best Performance: Interactive or UST - Epson Brightlink 696ui
Best Performance: Large Venue - Sony VPL-PHZ10
Projector Reviews will be distributing these awards and the other awards at the 2017 Infocomm trade show, next week in Orlando.
To view the full report, visit:
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