Awair Announces Integration with Google Home

Awair Glow with Google Assistant Makes It Easier to Optimize Air Quality for Sleep, Productivity, Newborns and the Allergy Prone with Voice Commands

San Francisco - May 31 2017 - Today, Awair officially announces the integration of the Glow air quality monitor with Google Assistant on Google Home, extending Glow's effortless, hands-free control of devices that contribute to a home's health and safety.

Glow plugs directly into the wall and tracks your room's air quality including temperature, humidity, CO2 and chemical levels. With Glow, you can quickly see the status of your air on the built-in color-coded LED and retrieve in-depth insights and tips on the Awair app.
Glow can also be used to control "non-smart" devices to optimize air quality for healthy conditions. It can be customized to turn on a device for a variety of reasons, such as when it senses a change in air quality, by motion detection, during certain times of the day --- and now, with voice commands made through Google Assistant.

With this integration, Awair joins the ranks of leading consumer technology companies in spaces like home audio and appliances that are now offering Google Home functionality. It also comes at a time when Google is accelerating the pace of innovation with Google Home, which will soon offer features like hands-free calling, payments and Bluetooth streaming.
To set-up a "non-smart" device with the Glow, users just need to plug the device in the ON position into the Glow to enable the Google Assistant. Once connected, users can easily set up and manage the device through the Awair app, which can be downloaded in the Play Store and the App Store.
The Awair Glow can be purchased on and Amazon for $109.99.
About Awair
Awair's mission is to empower you with the knowledge, motivation and confidence to thrive in your environment. Bitfinder (Awair) was founded in 2013 by Ronald Ro, CEO and Kevin Cho, CTO and is located in San Francisco, CA.

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