An Extraordinary Out-Of-Speaker Experience: Nola to Debut Its New Metro Grand Reference Gold 2 Loudspeaker At the Los Angeles Audio Show

Isn't life grand? It is if you're listening to the new Nola Metro Grand Reference Gold 2 loudspeaker - which will be on exhibit for the first time ever at the Los Angeles Audio Show (LAAS).

HOLBROOK, New York, May 22, 2017 - Isn't life grand? It is if you're listening to the new Nola Metro Grand Reference Gold 2 loudspeaker - which will be on exhibit for the first time ever at the Los Angeles Audio Show (LAAS).

The Metro Grand Reference Gold 2 is an ultra-high-end compact 3-1/2-way floorstanding loudspeaker designed for smaller to medium-sized rooms. It features a number of upgrades from the previous version to deliver an even higher level of musical accuracy, while retaining the classic Nola sonic strengths, such as mounting the midrange and high-frequency drivers in an open baffle to eliminate enclosure colorations.

It's all part of the Grand design: a loudspeaker with a total emotional connection to the music.

The Nola Grand Reference Gold 2 will be on exhibit at the LAAS, June 2 - 4, 2017 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles in Suite 524C.

The Metro Gold Series 2's updated dual 6-1/2-inch magnesium-cone, Alnico-ring-magnet woofers now have lowered electrical and magnetic distortion that are even further reduced from the already low distortion specs of the original Gold bass driver. In addition, the electrical "drag" of the driver has been lessened, enabling the new woofer to provide remarkable low-level/low frequency resolution, dynamics and transient response. Although these refinements are in the bass region, the sonic improvements result in better realism and dynamic responsiveness over the entire frequency range.

The Metro Gold 2's ribbon tweeter has been upgraded with components that are now built in-house at Nola. The crossover network has been improved with parts that were not available for the original version, and Nordost silver internal wiring is now employed more extensively throughout the loudspeaker. In addition, a number of further proprietary upgrades have been made to the Metro Grand Reference Gold 2.

While the speaker has been significantly improved, the design attributes that have earned Nola Grand Reference loudspeakers worldwide acclaim have been retained in the Series 2 version. The woofers feature solid copper, gold-plated phase plugs that eliminate coloration and provide tighter bass with superb definition. The ribbon tweeter delivers high-frequency response to 100 kHz, for extraordinary "air" and spaciousness, and full-range reproduction of Hi-Res Audio and other high-definition music sources.

The midrange driver and tweeter are mounted in Nola's hallmark open baffle design to eliminate any possibility of unwanted enclosure "box" colorations. Additional refinements include proprietary premium high-speed polypropylene capacitors utilizing a new technology for much faster response, three separate crossover boards for isolation from mechanical vibrations and more. The Metro Grand Reference Gold 2 utilizes a double-platform ball bearing isolation base to attenuate floor-borne vibrations. The Metro Gold 2 takes up only one square foot of floor space, yet delivers an expansive soundstage with precise imaging, superlative resolution and a natural tonal balance for vocals and instruments.

The Nola Metro Grand Reference Gold 2 will be available in July 2017 in a stunning Real Santos Rosewood finish with complementing black gloss bases. Black gloss and other custom finishes are available by special order. Suggested retail pricing starts at $40,000 per pair.

Click here for a high-resolution image of the Nola Metro Grand Reference Gold 2.

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About Nola Speakers

In 2004 Carl and Marilyn Marchisotto founded Accent Speaker Technology Ltd. and created the Nola product line with the goal of bringing the experience felt in listening to live music to a wider number of people. President and Chief Engineer Marchisotto has been designing audio equipment since 1973 at Dahlquist, Acarian Systems/Alon and Accent/Nola, which now offers a complete loudspeaker lineup from high-performance bookshelf models to the flagship $350,000/pair Nola Grand Reference VI Gold System, designed and built to deliver ultimate musical performance in every respect. Nola loudspeakers employ a number of key technologies including baffle-less dipole drivers, alnico magnets, Unison Crossover technology that optimally blends the performance of multiple speaker drivers, and many other refinements.

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