Infini, The First App-Based Smart Home Hub, Offers New Marketplace with Open API Development

Working to centralize the smart home, Infini brings together their 3-in-1 touch screen panel to manage the smart home more efficiently

Infini, the smart home ecosystem, manages to gather all of the smart home apps living on a user's smartphone and store them in one convenient hub. The innovative smart home management system is currently accepting pre-orders on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $50,000.

Infini is an amazing breakthrough in smart home technology. The average person uses nearly 27 apps per month, which are stored on their smartphones. This makes it difficult to navigate around a small smartphone screen just to get to the smart home applications that are needed at that moment. Infini solves this issue by putting all of those applications and more onto a 3.38 x 5-inch touch screen panel, making any app easily accessible.
A benefit to using the Infini smart home system is that it can connect to many popular internet services. Infini is compatible with Uber, Tesla, Spotify, Sonos, Wemo, Philips Hue and so many more. Without Infini, all of those apps need to live somewhere else, taking up valuable space that could be used for other purposes. By using Infini's smart home hub, everyone's favorite apps can live in the device and be just a touch away. Control anything from lighting, automatic blinds, temperature, security systems, smart plugs, music, security systems and other sensors with the swipe of a finger.
"Managing my connected home from my phone was becoming increasingly more difficult. I thought there must be a way to make this much more simple for people," said Infini CEO Mathieu Di Fazio. "Infini can help to prevent you from standing in your dark home searching for your lighting app just to turn on your lights. With Infini, you know where it's located in your home, and all you have to do is tap the lighting app that's right there waiting for you. It's the perfect device for anyone trying to make their home smarter."
With Infini, users are able to walk into their home and immediately be greeted by the touch screen panel. Users can manage their entire home through Infini. Infini is also accompanied by a mobile application that lets users access Infini's features even when they're not home or close to the Infini device. It has open API development, making it simple for people to create exactly what they want for their smart home to keep them more organized than ever.
On Kickstarter, backers can still pre-order an early bird Infini for $199, which is nearly 43% off of the retail price. When all of the early bird prices run out, Infini can be pre-ordered for $250. To learn more, visit
About Infini
Mathieu Di Fazio is a 25-year-old entrepreneur with a master's degree in electronics, system and telecommunications. As the CEO and CTO of Infini, he is in charge of day-to-day business decisions as well as keeping the system running at its best. He's always had an interest in the connected home but once he started purchasing these devices, he realized he wasn't using them to their full potential because of the inconvenience. With Infini, he hopes to make everyone's smart home a simpler place to be. Alessandro Conti is a 27-year-old entrepreneur with a master's degree in management engineering. As a co-founder and CFO, he is in charge of the business development and the strategy of Infini. Being passionate about IoT, he is confident to be part of a great story. To learn more about Infini, please visit

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