Now Live on Kickstarter: The First Smart Home Ecosystem to Organize Connected Objects, Apps and More in One Spot

Combining simplicity, innovation and design, Infini sets out to replace complicated and outdated existing smart home automation systems with an open API smart hub

Brooklyn, NY- Infini intelligent smart home hub centralizes the ever growing smart home ecosystem. Expertly engineered, the touch-screen 3-in-1 device makes managing and using smart sensors, apps and internet services simple. Currently, Infini is collecting funds from supporters on Kickstarter to bring the final product to life.

Today's smart home systems either come in app form or have a dedicated device that attaches to a ceiling or wall for simple control. However, apps clutter up smartphones and take a minute or longer to adjust and wall units make the area unsightly. With Infini, the small and beautifully designed device takes all of the above and puts it in one convenient place, thus eliminating smart home clutter.

"Having a smart home is becoming increasingly popular, but no one wants to deal with the at-home annoyance of the current smart hub situation," said Infini CEO Mathieu Di Fazio. "That is why we came up with the idea for Infini. Right now, it is very convenient to manage your home with apps when you are away from the house. However, when you come home, finding the app, changing the setting and confirming the command takes longer than it should. Infini eliminates this at-home annoyance."

With Infini, users are able to manage everything the smart home has to offer. Control lighting, temperature, automatic blinds, cameras, doorbells, security systems and various sensors with a touch of a finger. Infini also integrates with internet services such as Uber, Spotify and Pandora for easy access.

Infini comes with the capability to connect with a number of popular smart home devices. The intelligent device also offers an open API for customers who want to develop outside the system and create enhanced applications. During the duration of the campaign, Infini is offering an online simulator to test the product.

Infini measures 3.38 inches x 5-inches. On Kickstarter, backers can pre-order Infini starting at $199 for one smart hub. To learn more, visit

About Infini

Mathieu Di Fazio is a 25-year-old entrepreneur with a master's degree in electronics, system and telecommunications. As the CEO and CTO of Infini, he is in charge of day-to-day business decisions as well as keeping the system running at its best. He's always had an interest in the connected home but once he started purchasing these devices, he realized he wasn't using them to their full potential because of the inconvenience. With Infini, he hopes to make everyone's smart home a simpler place to be.
Alessandro Conti is a 27-year-old entrepreneur with a master's degree in management engineering. As a co-founder and CFO, he is in charge of the business development and the strategy of Infini. Being passionate about IoT, he is confident to be part of a great story.
To learn more about Infini, please visit

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