Leviton Releases New Solutions for Smart Device Privacy Concerns

Leviton innovation provides simple application and peace of mind for smart device users

Melville, NY., April 6, 2017 — Leviton announced a new application solution today, utilizing its leading-edge networking application technology, to address individual security and privacy concerns by reducing phantom loads. This solution utilizes the new Leviton Decora Smart Z-Wave Plus devices, in combination with 3rd party ecosystems, to cut power, selectively or automatically, to equipment containing microphones and cameras such as PCs, consumer electronic (CE) Devices, smart appliances, and smart televisions. This enables on-demand control via a button press, automatic activation when leaving a residence, or day and time scheduling.

This has become a significant concern, as nearly two-thirds of consumers are worried about the connected devices in their homes listening in on their conversations, according to a Gartner survey released earlier this week.

"Turning off the TV using the power button is not enough anymore, since many TVs have a standby or sleep mode. While the screen appears to be off and the LED power indicator dims, the TV remains powered," explains Ian Hendler, director of business development for Leviton Manufacturing. "To turn things completely off, users need to completely cut the power. That's why Leviton has come up with a method to do so intelligently, which is convenient for the consumer."

Continues Hendler, "By setting up a ‘smart fence' in the home or business so that when the rightful owner is on the premises devices with audio/video ‘spy' capability stay truly deactivated, but when the owner is away those devices turn back on and are back on the job, something very important with video cameras especially. It's actually a technology developed for ‘nanny cams' where owners wanted to be able to deactivate them while home themselves."

When used with an appropriate eco-system or security system, users may activate Leviton Decora Smart Z-Wave Plus load controls including switches and easy-to-deploy plug-in power modules. To ensure total security, Leviton load controls also feature an extra layer of real-time, 2-way electrical (ON/OFF) status communications, similar to the encrypted communications layer used by leading smart door lock manufacturers.

This power capability is possible through all Decora Smart with Z-Wave Technology devices equipped with Leviton's firmware that are connected to a compatible residential or commercial home security system, including the DZ15A Plug-in Outlet. Together, these Z-Wave Plus systems can enable or disable devices when the secure Z-Wave termination command is received.

"What this means for consumers is that Leviton's plug-and-play technology allows homeowners and facility mangers to truly turn off any connected device that may be concerning from a privacy standpoint, such as TVs and video cameras," said Hendler. "This allows plug in video cameras, for instance, to be effectively disconnected while you are in your home and then switched back on when you're away, enabling "live status" monitoring or other activities users want."

Additional capabilities and benefits include:
• Cuts AC power to most CE products (without battery back-up) including IP or analog cameras, PoE injectors, TVs, audio/video systems and most computers and computing devices.
• Allows for privacy within premises with a compatible system's geo-fencing network that commands strategically-placed terminators powering CE devices.
• Decora Smart plug in modules can be hidden or in plain sight for plug and play control

For more information on Leviton's networking application technology, visit http://www.leviton.com/automation or email EMCAMarketing@leviton.com.

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