Inirv React Announces Integration With Amazon Alexa at $85,000 Funding Mark

Have the safest and smartest house in the neighborhood with the device that easily monitors your kitchen for hazards

Durham, North Carolina- Inirv React is the most innovative smart home device that is designed to keep you and your family safe from devastating house fires. Since launching on Kickstarter, Inirv React's team has surpassed their $40,000 funding goal and recently unlocked its first stretch goal when the campaign hit $85,000. This stretch goal allows for the integration of Inirv React and Amazon Alexa, helping complete the smart home ecosystem.

Inirv React has a combination of sensors and electronics that enable it to not only detect high levels of smoke, natural gas, and lack of motion but also to react and turn the stove off to keep families safe. With the integration of Amazon Alexa and Inirv React, homeowners will be able to turn off stove ranges and check on their kitchen environment using commands. These commands can be, for example, "Alexa, turn my stove off" and "Alexa, did I leave my stove on?" With this integration, users will have even more peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their home and family.

"Coming from personal experience, kitchen safety is something that has been overlooked in the smart home market, until now," said Inirv Co-founder Akshita Iyer. "With Inirv React, users are able to easily keep tabs on their kitchen from anywhere in the world using the smartphone app. Never worry about leaving the stove on accidentally again."

The Inirv React sensor unit attaches to the ceiling above the stove and houses the gas, smoke, and motion detectors. If the sensor unit detects high levels of smoke or gas, or if the motion sensor recognizes that the stove was left on accidentally, this unit signals the knob units via Bluetooth to turn off the burners.

The knob units can attach to or replace current knobs on both gas and electric stoves. On the Inirv React knobs, a LED light indicator lets users know when the stove is on while a timer communicates with the motion sensor to automatically shut the burner off.

The entire Inirv React set of four smart knobs units and one sensor unit can be pre-ordered starting at $199. To learn more or to pre-order, please visit

About Inirv React
Inirv was cofounded by Ranjith Babu and Akshita Iyer. Babu is a resident neurosurgeon with a passion for improving the lives of others. Babu previously co-founded a biotechnology company that developed a device for the minimally invasive treatment of brain tumors. He, however, seeks to save lives not only through medicine but also by improving the safety of everyday devices. Iyer has had a long interest in entrepreneurship and has had experience running a business. She previously performed numerous roles in a successful engineering firm and has acquired numerous valuable skills that ensure the success of a company. To learn more about Inirv, visit

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