Slide, The World’s First Retrofit Smart Curtain System, Has Four Days Left in Kickstarter Campaign

The Innovation in Motion team ends Kickstarter campaign by quadrupling funding goal with nearly $188K raised in a month

The Innovation in Motion team looks to end their month-long Kickstarter campaign by raising over $187K after announcing the addition of a Data Port to include an optional SlideMote for remote control capabilities. By installing Slide, users are able to automate their existing horizontal curtains through the Slide App on their smartphone.

With the addition of the SlideMote, an affordable, elegant wireless remote, users will have instant control of their curtains wherever and whenever they want it. SlideMote talks to the Slide system via the companion 433Mhz receiver that plugs directly into the Slide Data Port. SlideMote will also come with removable, strong adhesive tape so that it can be placed in any room for easy access.
"After raising almost five times what we initially needed to succeed, we'd say this was an incredibly successful campaign thanks to the help of our supportive backers. Of course, we have no plans of stopping the creative process," said co-creator Thijs Olthof. "We learned a lot from this campaign and will take the suggestions we received from our backers to better the product that we have now, as well as the products we make in the future."
Designed as a retrofit system, Slide has the capability to work on existing horizontal curtains and can be installed in a matter of minutes. The team developed a modular mounting system with different connector sets for different curtain systems, which include sets for curtain rails and rods. The Slide App walks individuals through the installation process and ensures that Slide is connected to their phone and hidden behind their curtains at all times.
Slide's Kickstarter campaign will run until Sunday, January 8. There are multiple rewards for backers to choose from, including one Slide for $73 or two Slides for $127. For more information about Slide smart curtain system, visit
Innovation In Motion (IIM) is the startup behind Slide, the world's first retrofit smart curtain system. IIM was founded in 2016 by Kaj Beetstra and Thijs Olthof. The team at IIM is passionate about smart homes and committed to creating smart home solutions that are accessible to everyone. For more information, visit

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