PORTAL Introduces WiFi Mesh 2.0

World's Fastest Urban WiFi Router Adds Next Generation Smart Mesh Technology to Deliver Maximum and Seamless WiFi to the Largest Homes

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Ignition Design Labs today announced PORTAL with Mesh 2.0, the most advanced and longest-range Mesh solution designed specifically for large and multi-floor homes in the most demanding WiFi environments.

PORTAL Mesh 2.0 is a second generation Dynamic Smart Mesh technology that enables multiple PORTAL units to easily work together for seamless coverage in large and multi-story homes (over 3,000 square feet).

Homes with a lot of devices and many neighboring WiFi networks suffer from speed-sucking, range-crushing congestion. For instance, if you see eight or more neighboring WiFi networks and experience unreliable and/or spotty WiFi, then you likely have a WiFi congestion problem. Mesh 2.0 marries patented congestion-busting technologies with enterprise-grade dynamic routing smart mesh to completely cover your home in super-fast, ultra-reliable WiFi.

In head-to-head real world tests, PORTAL Mesh 2.0 consistently outperformed first generation static-Mesh solutions, such as Eero and Luma, with up to 10x faster speed, 4x greater coverage and 3x lower gaming lag.

"A single PORTAL is the fastest, smartest WiFi solution for most homes and apartments up to 3,000 square feet," said Terry Ngo, CEO and Co-Founder of Ignition Design Labs. "Now with Mesh 2.0, PORTAL continues to be the fastest, smartest and widest coverage solution for even the largest homes and PORTAL works seamlessly with all your devices."

"PORTAL Mesh 2.0 is a solution like no other," said Johnny Cheng, Co-Founder and VP Engineering. "Consistent with our philosophy of providing our backers and customers with new capabilities and amazing features for the life of their PORTALs, Mesh 2.0 is a free automatic upgrade."

PORTAL can also configure and optimize itself to changing conditions and actively protects itself from interference and intruders. As new features and capabilities become available, consumers can rest assured their PORTAL will be the smartest on the market.

PORTAL's advanced technologies are built around powerful hardware and a sleek, elegant design with five Gigabit Ethernet and two USB ports. Setup is easy with the Portal smartphone app or an optional web GUI configuration to satisfy even the most expert users. Inside the smooth, elegant body are 10 state-of-the art radios, strong external power amplifiers and nine conformal antennas that deliver impressive range and coverage.

PORTAL features:

FastLanes™ - Patented multi-channel, zero-wait DFS technology that provides access to multiple uncrowded fast channels in the radar-protected portions of the 5GHz spectrum, yielding between 3x and 5x more wireless capacity than conventional retail routers today. FastLanes channels are compatible with all newer generation WiFi devices capable of 802.11n and 802.11ac and future devices capable of 802.11ax.
WiFi Autopilot - Active traffic interference detection and avoidance technology that dynamically steers your devices to the optimal fast lane and conventional channels to give your devices super fast, consistent and ultra-reliable WiFi access. WiFi Autopilot is built on patent-pending hybrid embedded-ML (Machine Learning) based wide-area, self-optimizing network technologies.

Pricing and Availability
PORTAL Twin Pack is available at Amazon for $319. A single PORTAL is on sale at Amazon for $179.87.

About Ignition Design Labs
Silicon Valley-based Ignition Design Labs is a veteran team of wireless networking engineers developing radically new technologies at the heart of the next generation Internet of Things.

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