VidaBox Debuts New iPad Mini 4 Metal Secure On-Wall VidaMount Frames. Elegant, Theft Deterrent Design Allows Tablets to Blend into and be Showcased in Any Environment.

The latest addition to the VidaMount family of products allows any iPad mini 4 to be securely used as a touch panel for a Smart Home controller, digital signage, or other interactive display applications like Video Art. A clever design completely hides all wiring, without the need for any in-wall cutouts - making it ideal for residential, commercial, or public use. Available in (3) aluminum finishes.

NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y. — NOVEMBER 22nd, 2016 — VidaBox has added support for the iPad mini 4 in its VidaMount Metal Frames lineup. This secure enclosure allows any mini 4 to be permanently installed in either portrait or landscape orientation - on any wall, at any location, with no wall cutouts. Home button covers are available as an option for additional security. Compatible with recessed gangboxes or VidaPower adapters for power, all charging cables are hidden for a seamlessly look.

"We're excited to keep growing our product line with our new iPad mini 4 metal mount," explains Steven Cheung, President of VidaBox LLC. "This new mount will allow any mini 4 to be permanently mounted into a fixed location, without fear of having it be removed. It's ideal for many homes and businesses that are using iPads beyond common applications, such as touch controllers for their smart home, conference room signage, timeclocks for employees - or even video art in galleries & museums. These setups need an ever-present, low-cost, yet high performance interface - something that the iPad mini 4 can meet perfectly."

Installation of the iPad mini 4 frame requires only the use of the included specialty tools, with (4) screws drilled into a matching set of unique, rotating retainers. These secure the tablet onto any wall surface via a proprietary ‘locking channel' design, which prevents removal unless the exact angle of rotation is made with the required tool. This ensures the touch panel is always ready for use. These mounts can be placed in either Portrait or Landscape orientations. Unlike typical iPad mount designs, no wall cutouts are needed, eliminating the need for repatching or repairing drywall at the time of installation, or in the future should the tablet need to be replaced.

"For additional security, many installers have added modifications like a simple bead of caulk to block access to the rotating retainers, to more complex but secure measures like a 90º angle bracket next to the retainers," says Nick Caracappa, Outside Sales Consultant. "Once the iPad is mounted and kept charged, it never needs to come out. All the wiring is hidden behind and inside the mount. Typically, many installations use either a recessed gangbox & the originally included USB transformer for power - or, we can use our VidaPower CAT5 & PoE to USB adapters to provide charging power, where no nearby power outlet is available."

This new VidaMount metal frame is fully compatible with the popular VidaPower CAT5 to USB adapters, which allows for power to be drawn from a single CAT5 cable, up to 330 feet or 100m away. Behind the iPad, one would typically install an electrical gangbox where the adapter would be placed. On the other end of the cable, a VidaPower Injector or PoE switch can act as the power source. All the wiring is hidden from view - providing a clean, neat, professional look.

"For additional security, we also offer optional home button covers - which prevent access to the iPad's home button and further locks down the tablet," Cheung continues. "Since the mount is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, there's not much concern about the iPad mount being broken and stolen. In addition, each of our four included mounting anchors is rated for 100 pounds of force. Short of ripping out the surrounding drywall - which is a slow and noticeable operation - our VidaMount iPad metal frames are the secure choice to showcase any iPad for use in any scenario."

The VidaMount on-wall iPad metal frame enclosures are manufactured, designed, and assembled here in the USA - and are available for shipping now at $99.99, in Brushed German Silver, Florentine Gray, and Matte Black finishes. For more information on VidaMount on-wall enclosures, customizations, or other items in the VidaBox family of products, please visit the company website at, or call +1 (844) 4-KIOSKS.

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About VidaBox | Kiosks:

VidaBox | Kiosks allow any iPad, Android, Windows, or other tablet to be transformed into conference room displays, fully interactive kiosks, or other digital signage uses. The company's tablet enclosures can be ordered with custom graphics for a unique look, and be securely integrated with a variety of floor stands, wall, desk, & table mounts for a fixed, secured installation. When combined with VidaPower® charging solutions, power can be reliably delivered to any tablet over a single CAT5 cable at distances of 330' or more - allowing these solutions to operate 24/7, maintenance-free. This complete solution provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional custom kiosks, single-purpose displays, and dedicated touch panels. Competitive pricing of the full VidaBox | Kiosks line offers exceptional value to professional interior designers, architects, installers, integrators, and their clients. More information is available at or by phone at (844) 4-KIOSKS or +1 516-499-5050.

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