Connected Living Room Market: Enhancement in Residential User Experience Ensures Steady Rise in Demand

This report can be described as a comprehensive study of current trends in connected living rooms market. With technological advancements rapidly taking place in this sector, this report is integral to the strategy of both established as well as incumbent market players.This research report, the market has been segmented on the basis of geography, product type, and technology.

Connected living room technology is a combination of multiple communications technologies and devices aimed at creating a stable local network between the various electronic items usually found in an average living room. These include the lighting systems, HVAC devices, TVs and other multimedia devices, etc. Connectivity between multiple multimedia devices is the key concern of the connected living room market, as it allows users to view digital media on a variety of devices, which enhances the user experience immensely.

By product type, the report assesses the demand for digital media players, home theater systems, television sets, and gaming consoles. The rising demand for smart TVs is a key feature of the global connected living room market, as it allows the user to view multiple types of audiovisual content on a high-quality display. By technology, the connected living room market is segmented into sensors, memory IC, LED IC, and others. Regionally, the demand for connected living rooms technology in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World is examined in the report.

North America is the leading contributor to the global connected living room market due to the widespread availability of and awareness about cutting-edge display and connectivity technologies. The presence of several leading players in the connected living room industry as well as the display technology and telecommunications industries is also likely to remain a crucial driver for the North America market in the coming years.

The leading driver for the global connected living room market is the rising preference for digitalization of everyday tasks. Digitalized connected living rooms enhance the user experience significantly. The ubiquitous use of advanced smartphones in urban areas has also helped create a conducive environment for the connected living room market, as smartphones featuring the latest connectivity technologies present a feasible solution to control connected living room systems.

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On the other hand, the high costs of advanced connectivity and display technologies are likely to remain a key constraint on the global living room market in the coming years. While this hasn't affected demand in developed regions, the growth of the market for connected living room technology in developing regions has been limited to urban high-income regions. Nevertheless, the rising presence of international players in emerging markets such as India, China, Brazil, South Korea, Argentina, and Russia is likely to help the connected living room market in emerging regions in the coming years.

The report also examines the competitive landscape of the global connected living room market by profiling the leading players operating in it. The key companies examined in the report include Nintendo Co. Ltd., Sony Corp., LG Electronics Corp., Panasonic Corp., Philips Electronics N.V., Samsung Electronics, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., and Pioneer Corp.

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