New VidaMount On-wall iPod Enclosures Seamlessly Convert Any iPod into a Beautiful Touch Control for Music, Lighting, More. Fits Single or Double Gangboxes for Easy Retrofits.

$49.99 iPod enclosure captures sleek looks with a simple setup for direct wall mounting, or mounts onto any US, EU, or international gangbox. Design features a customizable "snap cover" which perfectly blends the enclosure into any environment, while allowing easy iPod removal.

NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y. — NOVEMBER 14th, 2016 — VidaBox is proud to announce their new VidaMount iPod on-wall slim mounts, the latest addition to the VidaBox family of popular tablet mounts, enclosures, and digital signage products. Designed to fit the 5th and 6th generation of the iPod Touch, this 1/2" thin enclosure can mount to any wall surface directly, or be retrofitted onto an electrical gangbox - in both landscape or portrait modes. After installation, the iPod is easily accessible via its removable snap cover. To help match any setup, its cover can be customized with any color, logos, or graphics. The feature rich design makes it the ideal on-wall enclosure when using iPods as touch keypad replacements, where quick & easy installation, direct accessibility, and aesthetically pleasing looks are an absolute must.

"We're very excited to offer this iPod mount - as it's been a frequently requested item by our dealers and clients," explains Steven Cheung, President of VidaBox LLC. "More and more installations are doing away with traditional keypads in favor of customizable touch controls - especially in retrofit projects like multiroom audio or home automation - where an existing setup may have a number of dated, double-gang sized controls to contend with. With our iPod mount, we can easily cover up the original keypad and use the existing CAT5 or 2-conductor wire for power - so there is no need to repair or re-patch drywall! This dramatically reduces upgrade costs, time, and labor - making it ideal for any setup."

The VidaMount iPod on-wall mount consists of two components - the "Base" and "Cover." The Base mounts directly onto a wall with the included screws & anchors, or one can use the precision-machined set of retrofit-friendly screw holes to pair it on top of any standard US or EU/UK/international gang box. Once the Base is secured, an iPod can be installed into the center. Finally, we add the Cover, which snaps onto the Base via a set of (4) "snap on" clasps that provides a clean, seamless look.

"Beyond its ease of assembly, another huge plus with this design is our Snap-on Cover's customization options," says Nick Caracappa, Outside Sales Consultant. "VidaBox can print any color, logos, or graphics onto the cover for just $25 per enclosure plus a one-time, flat-rate setup! In high-end setups where an elegant, clean look is critical, this single feature can be the deciding factor. No other company offers such an affordable option for customized enclosures."

Similar to other VidaMount enclosures, the new iPod mount is fully compatible with VidaPower adapters for 24/7 USB charging power. A new CAT5 wire can be pulled to the mount's location for new installations, or for retrofit projects existing gangboxes, 2-conductor wire may be substituted in lieu of CAT5. After plugging in our VidaPower adapter, power is sent from a VidaPower injector or standard PoE switch from the other end. This allows our iPod to always be fully charged and ready for use at any time!

"Just like our on-wall enclosures for larger tablets," Cheung continues. "our iPod mounts' covers can be quickly removed - allowing us fast, easy access to the power button, headphone jack, lightning port, or to even remove the iPod. Because of its on-wall mounting design, there are no big ugly wall cutouts needed - allowing us to make changes in placement or orientation between portrait & landscape at any time. No other iPod mount provides this much flexibility in a retrofit-friendly design at this remarkable price point!"

The VidaMount on-wall iPod enclosures are available for pre-orders now at $49.99, available in black or white. Customized face plates can also be ordered with 2 to 4 weeks lead time. For more information on VidaMount on-wall enclosures, customizations, or other items in the VidaBox family of products, please visit the company website at, or call +1 (844) 4-KIOSKS.

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