Kanda Handheld Programmers Now Support More Microcontrollers

Kanda manufacture stand alone handheld programmers to simplify firmware updates for microcontrollers in the field and production. They are battery operated and use a single button press to reprogram a product. As well as AVR and PIC microntollers, these latest version supports Atmel ATxmega devices.

Kanda handheld programmers are ideal for production use and for field firmware updates because they are so easy to use. Just one button programs the target. As well as Microchip PIC and Atmel AVR microcontrollers, they now support Atmel ATxmega family.

If you are in charge of producing microcontroller based products or you need to update the firmware in existing products, then these Kanda standalone programmers provide the ideal solution.

Kanda standalone handheld programmer picture

Why? Because they are really simple to use. Once they are loaded with the correct microcontroller, firmware and settings, the user just connects to the target and presses the button. Green LED shows success and red flashes show failure. What could be clearer than that?

This simplicity means that the most technically illiterate or unskilled person can do a firmware update using these portable programmers. They are battery powered, although a power supply can be connected for long term use in production. They can also power the target circuit if required, giving more flexibility.

To load the programmer, you connect it to the PC using a Kanda USB dongle and run the loader software. This operation does need more technical skill as the correct microcontroller and files must be chosen and the device fuses or configuration bits must be set.

There are options to select programmer speed, verify options, device ID matching and others but the software is clearly laid out to make this easy.
Once a programmer has been loaded, it can be copied and the saved file can be sent to other users to simplify loading further programmers.

If you have multiple firmware files to deal with, do you need a separate programmer for each version? No, because Kanda also supply another handheld programmer that can hold up to eight different target settings. This 8-way type uses a rotary switch to select the correct slot, followed by the single button press. Just as easy to use but it holds multiple firmware versions.

Kanda handheld programmers support the following targets. We have just added Atmel ATxmega microcontrollers to the available options., which are:

  • Microchip PIC16F and PIC18F PIC microcontrollers

  • Atmel AVR Microcontrollers

  • Atmel ATxmega and AVR microcontrollers

  • 24 and 25 series Serial EEPROM from all manufacturers

By simplifying the firmware update process, Kanda standalone programmers give you more options. You may need to fix a bug, change the features of a product, customize products in the field or produce different versions on your line or stock room. These units let you do this in the simplest way possible and they are great in challenging environments, such as kitchens or outdoors, where laptop use creates problems.

For more information on Atmel AVR ATxmega, visit Kanda ATxmega Handheld Programmers

For more information on PIC, AVR and Serial EEPROM, visit Kanda Handheld Programmers

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