AMADAS, the Smart Door Lock with Emergency Solar Charging Panel, Fully Funds on Kickstarter

AMADAS successfully hits $70K funding goal for its innovative smart door lever lock

AMADAS surpassed its $70K funding goal on Kickstarter this past weekend. In their feedback, backers were particularly impressed with AMADAS' solar emergency recharge system and near comprehensive door installation compatibility. With its sleek design and list of smart features, AMADAS aims to secure consumers' homes and protect what matters most. AMADAS' Kickstarter backers will be the first users to experience this smart security solution.

"Our team is thrilled to have reached our funding goal so quickly," AMADAS founder Eun-min Park said. "At AMADAS, our goal is offer consumers an ultra-secure smart lock that not only safeguards belongings, but also offers user-friendly features."
The smart lock, which is designed to fit virtually any U.S. standard-size door, is compatible with tubular, mortise (cylinder) and hybrid smart lever door types. With its easy, do-it-yourself installation, AMADAS only requires a screwdriver and a few minutes of time. With multiple access functions, AMADAS has ensured that users can enter their home 100% of the time.
AMADAS' most popular feature is the lock's emergency charging solar panel. While the lock is designed to operate for an entire year with two AA batteries, AMADAS' emergency charging solar panel can recharge the lock for one time use within 20 seconds. Consumers can use their smartphone's flashlight to quickly charge the lock, ensuring they're never locked out of their home. Additionally, using the AMADAS app, users can lock and unlock their door, track who enters their home or office, check the lock's battery level and assign unique guest codes.
AMADAS is now available on Kickstarter at a discounted price starting at $189. The AMADAS team surpassed its $70K funding goal and encourages backers to take advantage of this limited time offer. Because the team hit their funding goal, AMADAS plans to announce upcoming stretch goal rewards for backers. Consumers who are interested in purchasing AMADAS are encouraged to visit the campaign at
Founded in 2014, AMADAS is a Korean startup founded by Eun-Min Park. As a metal craft graduate from Seoul National University, Park has applied her skills to develop the AMADAS smart lock. The universal smart, secure door lock is compatible with any type of door. The startup has worked closely with a wide-range of teams for the past eight years to develop AMADAS and introduce the product worldwide. For more information on AMADAS, visit

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