Lithe Audio Launches in UK With Innovative Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

Bring music to any room of choice: bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom, streamed seamlessly using a smartphone, tablet or laptop

Exciting new UK-based AV brand, Lithe Audio (, announces the UK launch of its innovative Bluetooth ceiling speakers. These amazing wireless speakers are completely different to anything else currently available in this sector. They are a fully integrated 'all-in-one' solution, meaning that unlike other well-known wireless home sound systems, they do not need to be connected to a separate amplifier. The speakers deliver superb sound quality, are easy-to-install and have IP versions for safe use in bathrooms.

The speaker 'pair' are wireless via Bluetooth (the 'Master' speaker is Bluetooth and the 'Slave' is connected to the Master via speaker cable) to connect via smartphone, tablet, TV or PC.

Designed by Lithe Audio's team of specialist home electronic product designers, the frameless speakers only protrude 3mm from the ceiling, and have clever magnetic grill covers which can easily be removed for cleaning or for replacement with a different coloured grill finish. The grill can alternatively be painted with ceiling paint to create a virtually invisible look to these high performance speakers.

About Lithe Audio

Lithe Audio is a UK Company that designs, manufactures and sells a broad range of high quality, innovative electrical products such as ceiling speakers, wall speakers, wireless garden speakers and TV accessories such a wall mounts - all for commercial or residential applications.

Lithe Audio was founded in 2014 by the team of professional electrical product designers behind the successful Retrotouch brand ( ).

All Lithe Audio products have been designed in-house by the same established Retrotouch team to ensure that they are state-of-the-art.

The Lithe Audio range is ideal for consumers/DIY enthusiasts, builders, developers, interior designers, commercial property developers and hotels.

The company philosophy

The design team behind Lithe Audio share a passion for creating products that meet the needs of their customers. They put themselves into the shoes of the customer throughout the development process to produce a design that will exceed their expectations.

For example, the wireless speakers that are completely different to anything else currently available in this sector took over 18 months in development until they met the designer's highest standards.

The same principle applies to all the products in the range. As the chief designer puts it: "We work forwards from what our customer needs are, and not backwards from what the technology allows. Everything we sell must be simple and intuitive to use for everyone from the developer to the whole family."

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