Top 10 reason for choosing HDbitT AV over IP

HDbitT is the best solution for av over ip.

Choosing the best Audio Visual solutions can be confusing with so many different companies offering similar Audio Visual services. In the traditional way, the system integrator can never merge audio and video into a single network. Through modern technology advancements, AV over IP solutions like HDbitT proved to be a pop star for Pro-AV industry, It provides all-in-one solution for whole home converged distribution of Audio/Video so, what are the main benefits for choosing Video over IP solutions?

With HDbitT AV over IP solutions, it presents several key advantages compared to non-networked point-to-point or point-to-multi-point solutions. HDbitT AV-over-IP appliances enable easy management of multi-point installations that can be controlled via browser. HDbitT distributes content from a single source to hundreds of displays.
By delivered full HD audio/video to exist network, deploying and powering AV infrastructure over Ethernet, HDbitT supports both point-to-point and multipoint-to-multipoint transmission, flexible for cascade connection and daisy chain connection.
3.Long Distance
Depends on the transmit medium, HDbitT supports at least 100m/328ft digital signals transmission at almost zero latency. And by cascade and extend by switch, no distance limitations, send AV signal as far as your network reaches.
4.High Quality
HDbitT is fully compatible with HDMI, and it supports all key features of HDMI, including 1080P, and up to 4K, CEC, EDID, and HDCP, with means high quality of lossless video and ultra-low latency.
5.Cost Effective
Supports existing cabling system, leverages LAN and low-cost IP transmission, lower capital expenditure with highly cost effective. Build flexible, easy-to-maintain AV deliver networks almost anywhere without digging cable trenches.
By providing an unprecedented and unique solution, HDbitT is revolutionizing these key industries: Consumer Electronics
Custom Installations, Professional Projection, Digital Signage, Video Conferencing, Collaboration Integrate, etc.
7.Easy to use
Intelligent and automatic adjustment, kit paired instantly without configuration, easy-to-use ready for plug and play. By providing an unprecedented and unique solution, easily to meet the need of end-to-end Pro-A/V signals conversion, transmission and display.
It have been proved for reliability and functionality. The new collaboration of HDbitT facilitates rapid deployment of high-performance, high-definition, high-robustness signal delivery for OEM and system integrator.
9.All in one
With the complete range of AV over IP product lines, HDbitT offers an all-in-one solution for whole industrial converged installation, anything you need of transmission, distribution and conversion, HDbitT does it all.
10.Lead the trends
HDbitT is a revolutionary and up-to-date connection technology that dramatically redefines the idea of transmission. It helps to Improve the user experience meanwhile expand your market with its future-proof features. Stick with HDbitT to lead the Pro-AV trends.
The big challenge no longer rests on the limits of AV over IP technology, but rather on a business' willingness to accept the big push that HDbitT new technology gives us. If we are ready for that big push, then who knows where the technology might take us.

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