RDT Introduces Wireless Plumbing Leak Protection Technology for Homes, Businesses and High Value Collectibles

Property and water saving system provides 24/7 peace of mind

BRANFORD, Conn., May 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Unfortunately, plumbing leaks are inevitable. But now homeowners and businesses can have valuable peace of mind knowing their property is protected from unseen plumbing water leaks and frozen pipes with the latest innovation from Reliance Detection Technologies (RDT), maker of the FloodMaster line of products.

RDT is pleased to introduce the state-of-the-art RS-360, a wireless alarm and automatic water shut off system that protects entire homes/facilities from plumbing leaks and frozen pipes, along with a number of special features and benefits:

Reduced insurance claims, and in many cases, insurance premium discounts
No hard wiring required - system is wireless and provides onboard battery backup during power outages
Closed loop wireless system (NOT Wi-Fi) with self-monitoring capabilities that let you know it's working
Water conservation - the system can also be an effective product for responsible water conversation efforts
Smart home and building friendly - systems can be easily integrated with most security platforms
Ideal for protection for collectibles and other valuable property and equipment
Proudly made in the USA with prompt, live technical support always available from RDT's Connecticut headquarters during normal business hours
Configurable to meet the needs of any installation, large or small
For smaller areas of coverage, RDT's popular FloodMaster line of appliance-based (water heater, washing machine, HVAC condensate pans) leak alarm/shut-off kits, localized leak protection systems and basic water alarms are also available for every space and budget.

The 360 is available through select Wholesale Suppliers and Dealer Installers. For additional information, or to find an authorized Distributor nearest you, visit www.RelianceDetection.com.

About Reliance Detection Technologies, LLC

In an effort to address the ever-increasing demand for more sophisticated monitoring and detection capabilities from its FloodMaster® product line, Madison Company founded Reliance Detection Technologies LLC (RDT) in early 2015. RDT's mission is to meet those increasing market demands by drawing on the depth and breadth of Madison Company's 55+ years of engineered sensor design and application experience. The first triumph of that mission is the newly released, state-of-the-art, RS-360 wireless system which combines low temperature/freezing pipe and water leak detection capabilities. www.RelianceDetection.com

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