Metra Home Theater Receives DPL Seal of Approval

DPL Labs certifies 15m HDMI cables and 25 additional Metra products

HOLLY HILL, Fla. - May 9, 2016 - Metra Home Theater Group, a leading provider of home theater products and accessories, announces DPL Labs Seal of Approval for their MHX-HDME15 and EHV-HD15 fifteen meter cables along with twenty-five other products from Metra Home Theater Group. Metra Home Theater Group's Ethereal and EHD cables establish the first 15 meter cables supporting true 4K with 19 Gbps Deep Color to be recognized by DPL Labs.

Based in Ormond Beach, Florida, DPL Labs is recognized for providing precise and critically accurate product performance testing. Founded by Jeffrey Boccacio, one of the industry's foremost experts on high-bandwidth digital signage solutions, DPL Labs created the DPL Seal of Approval Program to recognize the most reliable digital-HD available. By participating in the DPL Labs Seal of Approval Program, the products are thoroughly tested with a rigorous multi-element testing regime that clearly establishes each products performance capabilities. DPL Labs Seal of Approval is guaranteed to meet or exceed DPL's standards and assures both dealers and clients that the product will give years of reliable performance.

DPL Labs has accredited Metra Home Theater Group as the first to receive the DPL Seal of Approval on 15 meter cables supporting true 4K with 19 Gbps Deep Color. The MHX-HDME15, a 15 meter MHX high speed Ethernet HDMI cable used with the HDM-GA1, and the EHV-HD15, a 15 meter Targa 1 module ultra-high-definition cable, are recognized for their outstanding performance and reliability through the demanding DPL Labs testing procedure. Additionally, twenty-five other products from Metra Home Theater are accredited by DPL Labs with the Seal of Approval for supporting true 4K with 19 Gbps Deep Color. For a complete listing of Metra Home Theater Group products included in the DPL Labs Seal of Approval program, visit

"We are excited to have the first 15 meter HDMI cables to receive the DPL Labs Seal of Approval for 4K and HDR," said Jessy Crabb, general manager of Metra Home Theater Group. "HDR is a big topic in our industry right now and it's important to us that our dealers know they can rely on these accredited products to ensure their installs will perform correctly. Now, with 25 approved 4K products, our dealers have the 4K HDMI tools they need."

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About Metra Electronics / Metra Home Theater Group
Metra Home Theater Group is a division of Metra Electronics which has been the world leader and "The Installer's Choice™" for vehicle installation kits and car audio accessories for over 70 years. Headquartered in Florida, Metra Electronics strives to create innovative, high quality products to satisfy and astonish our customers. Metra's brands include: Axxess™, The InstallBay™, Shuriken™, Raptor™, Ballistic™, Ethereal™, Helios by Audio Solutions™, T-spec™, InstallBay Safety™, Spyclops™ and EHD™. For ordering information and pricing, visit Metra Home Theater Group online at or call 800.221.0932.

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