Chinavasion Brings Affordability to the Auto Tracking PTZ Camera Market

Auto tracking PTZ Cameras were once only affordable for law enforcement agencies and large corporations, however thanks to Chinavasion these PTZ Cameras are now within reach for everyone.

When IP security cameras were first introduced by law enforcement their main purpose was to reduce and deter crime in public areas as well as record activities and help identification of criminal. Over the intervening years the cameras have become much more advanced and are now more accessible than ever for all individuals.

China Electronic Wholesaler, Chinavasion, offers PTZ cameras including Auto tracking IP Security Cameras at competitive wholesale prices, making high end security attainable for all budgets.
For home protection and surveillance for small businesses, that can't afford dedicated security staff, auto tracking PTZ cameras can offer many benefits. Auto tracking is a cameras ability to detect, focus and track a particular object. The moving object or a person is automatically tracked and recorded by the camera, without any external intervention from an operator.
"With the majority of cameras being unattended, an auto tracking PTZ camera brings great flexibly reducing the need for multiple cameras and brings top quality surveillance, that would otherwise require dedicated security personnel or several cameras," advised PR Manager at Chinavasion, Ms. Rose Li.
These PTZ cameras have IR night vision allowing them be used at night in large areas, as well as, in rooms without any light source at all. The camera systems can be wireless, or hardwired depending on a customer's needs so installing PTZ auto tracking cameras around a property doesn't require any special skills.
When set up these state of the art IP security cameras will ignore small irrelevant objects, but if a human size presence is detected the camera will automatically start tracking the target. Most PTZ cameras come with smart phone app support and can relay information directly to security guards or property owners cell phones, allowing the offending individuals to be apprehend.
"Installing Auto Tracking PTZ cameras allows large areas to be surveyed and greatly increases the chances of capturing significant events on camera while also helping co-ordinate security staff", said Ms. Li.
Typical PTZ dome cameras can cover a full 360 degree visual range and accompanying software permits these cameras to patrol preset areas. "With motion detection and auto tracking as well as powerful zoom lens' PTZ cameras are capable of picking up highly detailed images that help identify vehicles and individuals, even across large distances such as parking lots or warehouses." says Ms Li.
PTZ cameras can be programmed to ignore certain fields of view and ensure surveillance doesn't inadvertently violate privacy laws. This makes PTZ cameras ideal for both commercial and private property. Ms Li says, "They can be particularly beneficial for monitoring access points to complexes or positioned to screen and track an individual or vehicle as it enters a property".
For the best prices on a full range or PTZ camera and security systems, all coming with 12 months warranty visit China electronic wholesalers Chinavasion.

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