ISC West - Cognitive Systems Corp. Announces Home Monitoring System Will Be Available by End of Year

Powerful new platform uses wireless signals to protect homes, offices and other physical spaces

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ISC West -- Cognitive Systems Corp. announced today at ISC West it will shortly begin production of its home monitoring system and make it available for purchase in the second half of this year.

"Wireless signals fill the entire spaces where they travel, so detecting motion based on disturbances to those signals is far more sensitive and effective than other methods"
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Unlike traditional security systems, Cognitive Systems Corp.'s revolutionary platform uses wireless signals to monitor for motion. That gives it the advantage of being able to detect movement throughout a space and beyond barriers such as walls, floors and ceilings without the need for additional sensors.

"Wireless signals fill the entire spaces where they travel, so detecting motion based on disturbances to those signals is far more sensitive and effective than other methods," said Taj Manku, Cognitive Systems Corp.'s co-founder and executive vice president of silicon. "It's like filling a space with water and having a sensor that notices even the tiniest of ripples."

The system is also able to identify known wireless devices as they enter and leave the home. This simplifies operation, since the system can automatically arm and disarm based on the presence of authorized devices.

A mobile and web application will both be available to allow users to monitor their home security system remotely from their smartphone or computer. The system has also been designed to allow homeowners the choice of attaching monitoring service, so they have the added benefit of a central station to provide additional peace of mind.

The system addresses many of the challenges faced by security providers and customers. It is fast and simple to set up, and does not require the installation of various sensors around the home. Monitoring a home using wireless signals can dramatically reduce the number of false alarms, which lowers operational costs for monitoring companies, and increases customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it does not record or decode video, so privacy is maintained; there is no possibility of unauthorized access to private video streams.

Cognitive Systems Corp. first announced the development of their platform when the company came out of stealth in December 2015.

The core technology powering the platform is their custom designed and built R10 supercomputer chip, featuring four wireless receivers and highly-configurable dual multi-vector processors. Cognitive Systems Corp. designed the chip to replace hardware that would normally cost tens of thousands of dollars. With five custom CPU cores, the R10 chip has significant capabilities in detecting and processing wireless signals in real-time.

The potential applications for the platform are extensive. Cognitive Systems Corp. and its partners already see uses for it in crowd movement and traffic flow, allowing optimized use of retail areas, airports, sports stadiums and other high density environments. A wider deployment of devices could also map wireless signals on a large scale in real-time, maximizing spectrum efficiency.

In the future, capabilities will also expand to provide cyber defense by detecting the presence of suspicious wireless signals and alerting users of potential threats. Homes and offices could be protected from access by unauthorized devices. Public spaces such as coffee shops, restaurants and airports could protect their customers from unknowingly using unsecure networks.

Cognitive Systems is providing demos of the platform this week at the International Security Conference & Exposition, also known as ISC West, the largest event in the U.S. for the physical security industry.

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About Cognitive Systems Corp.

Cognitive Systems Corp. is located in Waterloo, Ontario - the heart of Canada's Technology Triangle. The company's core skills include advanced microchip design, digital signal processing, wireless protocols, firmware, software, cryptography, and network/cloud infrastructure. While creating novel advanced silicon and software systems for the future, the Cognitive team brings a comprehensive range of skills to solve design and production challenges.

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