Qolsys Software Update Captures and Sends Home Security Disarm Photos to Smartphone App

Dual Path Cellular and Wi-Fi Cloud Upgrade Services Automatically Deliver Routine Enhancements and New Feature Set to End Users

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Qolsys, provider of best-in-class residential security and smart home solutions, announced today that its next software update (1.6.1) includes the capture and delivery of disarm photos from the IQ Panel camera to the Alarm.com cloud and to the smartphone. End-users will have immediate access to these photos for visual verification, including user name and time stamp.

"Qolsys has been a great partner, bringing innovation to a stagnant market and enabling LiveWatch to deliver new products, services and a great user experience to our customers," said Chris Johnson, President of LiveWatch Security. "The IQ Panel's Dual Path cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity allows us to seamlessly update our installed base with new software features as soon as they become available."

"Every Qolsys platform includes at least one camera, and the IQ Panel's embedded camera has been one of the most popular features among dealers," said Mike Hackett, Qolsys SVP of Sales and Marketing. "No other home security system has this built-in camera feature, and until now, the disarm photos were hosted on the panel. Based on user demand, we are now making these images available directly to the smartphone over the cloud."

The Qolsys IQ Panel is still the industry's most technically advanced home security and automation platform with interactive services powered by Alarm.com. It is the first and only security panel on the Android operating system, delivering custom software applications and a framework for routine software updates over the cloud. The IQ Panel features several industry firsts, including a 7-inch touchscreen with an intuitive graphical user interface for security and smart home control, and Dual Path connectivity over cellular and Wi-Fi for intelligent redundancy, reliability and speed. It also features Z-Wave support for up to 75 lifestyle devices; two-way voice, and easy to install hardware with no external antennas, standard 24-hour lithium-ion battery and UL-rated siren.

In addition to sending disarm photos over the cloud, other new features in the Qolsys 1.6.1 software update include expanded support for Z-Wave devices with more robust troubleshooting and diagnostic tools. The IQ Panel connects to the cloud using its built-in Wi-Fi radio and downloads the latest version of the software seamlessly, installing it quickly and elegantly. The process is fast and delivers ongoing improvements to the user interface, features and settings. This is the fourth software update from Qolsys in the last year, and it is the sixth major update since the IQ Panel began shipping in 2014.

Qolsys expanded its product portfolio throughout 2015 with the release of 12 new devices that pair wirelessly to the IQ Panel, including re-imagined door/window sensors, temperature and flood sensors, Z-Wave light bulbs and sirens, and more. Many of these devices are the result of customer feedback and collaboration, including some that are new to the market, like the IQ Doorbell, a simple, easy-to-install sensor that turns any existing doorbell into a smart doorbell chime unit. All Qolsys devices easily pair with the IQ Panel to create a robust connected home solution.

For more information, visit http://qolsys.com.

About Qolsys
Founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Qolsys is reinventing the security and smart home market by creating products that are elegant, intuitive, reliable and secure. Qolsys is dedicated to improving the quality of life by integrating computing and communications technologies with its proprietary software to deliver the most advanced platforms for security, energy, wellness and smart home management. The revolutionary all-in-one IQ Panel platform features an embedded camera; integrates with Alarm.com's market-leading interactive security, video monitoring, energy management and home automation; and leverages the robust software development environment of the Linux OS with embedded Android, enabling innovative applications and the routine delivery of software upgrades to customers over the cloud with dual path cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. Qolsys integrates best-in-class technology and services from Alarm.com, Qualcomm, Android, Verizon, AT&T, and Foxconn to deliver reliable, scalable and secure platforms.

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