Kickstarter - Music Wrap Launches Bendable, Wearable, Bluetooth Speakers on Kickstarter

Music Wrap is a transformable, health conscious, innovative device that discreetly incorporates music seamlessly into our everyday lives. With features such as personal sound space, transformable band, IPX5 water resistance, hands-free calling, Music Wrap lets you enjoy music on the go, without sacrificing your awareness of your surroundings.

LOS ANGELES, CA (FEBURARY, 2016) -- Music Wrap, an innovative start-up in the music experience industry, announces the crowdfunding launch of their newest product, the M25. The product started funding February 3, 2016 for 30 days at The M25 will retail for $69.99, but during the campaign, limited early bird rewards will be available for as low as $35.

The M25's innovative combination of speaker and headphone product design creates a dedicated "personal sound field" that brings music to life without sacrificing the user's awareness to his or her surroundings. Its detachment of the headphone from the ear lessens the chance of injuries to the human eardrum: perfect for children, teenagers, or anyone tired of earbuds and traditional headphones. Featuring an ergonomic product design, all the essential control buttons are at the fingertips. With the optimal length, the M25 sits perfectly around the neck, freeing the user's hands and ears without sacrificing the overall listening experience.

The listener can thus enjoy music and also be aware of the potential dangers that might be looming nearby. Since the device is connected to mobile phones via Bluetooth, it can be used as a hands-free device with the push of a button. With its durable design specifications such as weatherproof, anti-shock, dust-proof, and long battery life, it is the perfect companion for everyday outdoor activities.

The M25 can also be bent into various positions, including free standing speakers, wrapped around straps on bags, as well as on wrists. Its transformable properties make it fitting for any environment, allowing users to listen to their favorite music the way they like, without compromise.

* Adjustable Volume
* 8 hours play / 10 days standby
* Lightweight 0.3 pound
* Compatible with Android & iOS smart devices
* One-touch hands free call
* Frequency range 200Hz - 20kHz
* Bluetooth 4.0 compatible
* Water resistance IPX5

The campaign has a goal of $20,000 and will begin reward fulfillment in June 2016. It comes in three stylish color options: brown, grey and green. The various reward pledges include:
* An early bird option for $35, 50% of retail price
* Standard special for $45, which is $25 off retail price
* A early bird pair option for $70
* Standard pair special for $85
* A triple pack of M25's for $125
* Friends and Family four pack for $160

"The M25 is truly a unique concept in the headphone and speaker industry," says Peggy Lai, product imagineer for Music Wrap. "Existing earbuds and headphones shut out the rest of the world, creating a barrier to social interaction. The M25's hybrid design means any listener can enjoy music to its fullest while also staying connected and aware of the world around them. It's safer, more enjoyable and more flexible."

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About Music Wrap

Music Wrap's goal is to revolutionize the way people listen to music. Our global team of experienced acoustic sound engineers, manufacturing specialists and social marketers are rethinking the way music can be experienced. Visit


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