The Unity Mobile App is Available

- Get unprecedented insights into your landscape water use. - See precisely how much water you can save outdoors. - Map and photograph your yard.

NOVATO, Calif., Feb. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- ETwater, a leading provider of smart home products and sustainability services for the outdoors, is pleased to announce the launch of Unity (, a free new mobile app.

Available for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets as of February 24, 2016, Unity gives you a top down view of your yard or landscape, and enables you to map and plan in an easy to understand and visually compelling way. Additionally, you can get insights into how much water you are using and can save, as well as sign up for and install products and services from ETwater.

Unity - Insights Into Your Landscape

Unity - Insights Into Your Landscape
Gardening and landscaping currently accounts for the largest waste of freshwater resources in the United States. Approximately 60% of the fresh water used in the U.S. is for outdoor purposes. Conventional irrigation methods and systems installed at commercial and residential properties are very inefficient and complicated to use. They lack an understanding of how much water different types of plants actually require. As a result, the majority of properties are over watered by 50% or more.

"We have a technology solution for the excessive water waste in this country. Using the same advanced tools that power the internet and smartphones, we can provide insights into precisely how much water is needed for a thriving garden or landscape," said Lee M. Williams, COO of ETwater. "Our new mobile application takes the guesswork out of planning how much water you need, and you can sign up for our products and services with ease."

The Unity app helps you understand the impact of outdoor water use by displaying it in measurements people can actually understand, such as glasses of water or Olympic-size swimming pools. Other practical sustainability features include:

Easily map your landscape by highlighting your plants on a satellite photo of your yard.
Add detail by setting their plant type and sprinkler type, degree of shade and more.
See the difference in the amount of water that Trees, Shrubs, Flowers, and Turf actually need.
See how much water you can save per day, week, month or year.
Explore making changes to your yard or landscape and instantly see the impact on expected water use.
For users that want to realize the water savings potential, you can sign up for the ETwater Smartest Sprinkler Service, and your preferences are automatically uploaded. Based on this landscape map, the service will continuously adjust the included Smart Sprinkler Controller to match plant needs and respond to the weather in your backyard.

The ETwater Smartest Sprinkler Service brings smart home technology to the outside of your home or business. With anywhere-connectivity over 3G and 4G LTE networks, and optimizations based on forecast and actual weather, you can get unprecedented control and water savings. Advanced monitoring features are also included, such as alerts for broken valves, and clogged or broken pipes. Furthermore, an irrigation and landscape expert is available 24/7 for your installation and irrigation questions.

The Unity app is the first mobile product released as part of the new ET Unity open technology platform for sustainability. Additional products and services will include consumer devices, accessories, and integration with other home automation products and systems. Welcome to the smart outdoors.

About ETwater

ETwater is changing the world with a focus on technology products for sustainability. We are a group of talented individuals and organizations dedicated to helping solve the real world problems of water scarcity, and other environmental issues. Our solutions have a unique focus on the insights needed to provide just the right amount of resources to manage the healthiest of outdoor landscapes and environments. The cloud-based ETwater platform takes environmental data from multiple sources, analyzes it in real time, and provides intelligent information, highly visual plans, and dynamic schedules. In addition, with our solution you have real-time monitoring and management capability from any mobile or smart device. For more information, please visit

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