The Sights & Sounds of Spring

All-Weather Flat Screens + High Fidelity Planter Speakers and Matching Amps Create Luxury Outdoor Home Theater

Port Chester, NY - February 11, 2016 —The components have been released independently, but this spring, audio/video systems designer Art Powers Jr. finally has everything he needs to offer clients outdoor home theater worthy of his discerning standards.

"There are a small group of companies who've sealed flat screens and projectors for outdoor use, but people have been watching TV outside for years. However, we can now match the best in all-weather video with our company's ultra high-fidelity Piermont and Flagstone speakers and my dad's new Madison Fielding stereo amps. So, for those who enjoy the better things in life, the era of true luxury outdoor home theater has arrived," said the electronics entrepreneur, sculptor and avid motorcyclist.

It all starts with the picture, and this year there's a nice array of new outdoor viewing options. But, what's a great picture without thumping, crashing and alternately mellifluous and soothing high fidelity sound? Powers' PlanterSpeakers are a thing to behold - first because they're gorgeous additions to any garden, pool or patio environment. But, if someone is serious enough to equip a patio with big video, how can they not match it with the best in outdoor sound? C'mon.

So Art Powers Jr., and his amplifier builder father Art Powers Sr., have solved the problem by creating outdoor sound quality that rivals almost anything available for inside the home, and it's good in rain, snow, heat and cold. Better than that, as fully functioning planters (with world-class drainage), Powers' PlanterSpeakers are beautiful, in addition to supplying invisible hi-fi sound. Excelsior! Audio lovers have been enjoying PlanterSpeakers as a key component of their audio systems, both indoors and out, for some time, but now PlanterSpeakers can be driven by new and incomparable Madison Fielding amps. These amplifiers are extraordinary by any measure, but that they are exclusively matched for Art Powers Jr.'s PlanterSpeakers means that the resulting systems now produce a sound available nowhere else. Adding hi-def outdoor video? Well, that's yet another game changer.

One couple recently equipped their NYC penthouse patio with a Powers powered audio/video array. The install included 12 PlanterSpeakers, a rack filled with a collection of audio and video goodies and a particularly sweet video projector. Customers all over the country are figuring it out. Tennyson said, "In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love." This spring, for those who love the best in sight and sound - and want it installed in their gardens, patios and pools - hi-def outdoor video plus PlanterSpeakers powered by Madison Fielding Amplifiers equal Nirvana. Happy Spring!

About PlanterSpeakers by Madison Fielding is the premier manufacturer of planter and architectural speakers. The company was founded in 1999 to create an alternative to outdoor bracket-type speakers and those housed in artificial rocks. Its founders' focus was to give equal billing to design and sound quality. Today, the line of products are specified by audio design and architecture professionals, and sold and installed by quality audio dealers around the world. For more, go to

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