Eleetus™Simulator Expands Into AV Market of Integrators

Eleetus, a young company specializing in multi-dimensional motion based racing and flight simulation, has made its way into the AV Integration market.

Ottawa Lake, MI - Eleetus, a young company specializing in multi-dimensional motion based racing and flight simulation, has made its way into the AV Integration market.

Integrators have established a professional industry where they provide consumers with both the amenities for home entertainment and the back-end system to make it all easy to operate. Eleetus simulators fits perfectly into the product line needed for the entertainment needs of high-end residential customers.

The Eleetus simulator brings new levels of experience to entertainment with its various components, including a seat with forty degrees of pitch and roll, surround sound, and a three monitor display. The Eleetus simulator also performs as the most robust auto racing and flight simulator in its price class. Eleetus has decided to enhance the Integration market by allowing Integrators to increase their product line with one of a kind entertainment options.

The Eleetus partnership with integrators has many excited to share the products entertainment value with their customers. Omar Dodero of Systems & Design Integration is thrilled with this new partnership. "Eleetus is a fun and unique entertainment option for any home with motorsport, aviation or overall gaming enthusiasts. I'm excited to introduce Eleetus to my clients," says Dodero.
Greg Lumsden Chairman/Co-Founder of Eleetus foresees that there are unlimited opportunities working alongside with the thousands of integrators in market place. "With our new strategy to showcase what Eleetus has to offer, we want to show our customers that we have a product that differentiates us from all other racing and aviation simulators on the market. It is our belief that our simulator provides users with an experience like no other," says Lumsden.

"We see a great deal of 'development real estate' for the Eleetus Simulator related to the depth and breadth of new kinds of content, as well as, creative hardware design and display methodology brought into the world of Integrators. Our goal is to provide the most amazing gaming and entertainment system a family could put in their recreation room or dad's man cave. Commercial family entertainment centers are also targeted," statedChairman/Co-Founder, Greg Lumsden. Eleetus has plans to reach a broad base of serious and casual gamers for residential sales, and to foster commercial use of its line of simulators, including a broad range of adventurous and educational entertainment. University student centers and family amusement centers are two other markets that will soon be targeted.

The Eleetus simulator uses an intelligently engineered, patented motion platform running in two degrees of freedom, but emulating an additional three degrees of freedom. Also,Eleetus has added very deep "Control" software which makes the system much more user friendly and enables a wide range of add-on games and contests.

About Eleetus

Eleetus Simulators is based in Ottawa Lake, Michigan and Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario. Eleetus is moving the world of gaming into motion platform enhanced play, as well as motion-based entertainment and education.The Eleetus Simulator has commenced distribution in the United States and Canada. For more information on Eleetus Simulators please click here.

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