CES 16 - NodOn® Presents EYE – World’s First Smoke Sensor To Take CES Innovation Award

NodOn® will be at the CES Las Vegas to introduce the first connected smoke sensor without an optical chamber: EYE. The CES Las Vegas is the world's showcase for electronic consumer goods, and will be held from 6 to 9 January 2016. EYE is a smoke detector with a totally innovative technology that eliminates false alarms and reduces response times compared to all other smoke detectors available on the market.

(Note: NodOn® will be at CES Las Vegas in the Sands Expo, Tech West - Level 2 - Stand 70544 - Smart Home Zone)

EYE by NodOn® is the result of a tremendous amount of research, development, manufacturing, and testing between companies of Altyor's group: NodOn® and PDCI, PDCI is one of the most innovative companies on the IoT market. PDCI is member of BPI Excellence (the 2000 most innovative French companies).

This effort was focused on only one goal: create the most reliable smoke detector to protect people's lives and this in one of the smaller device on the market.

New Technology, New Design, New Level in Security

EYE is chamber-less, and samples smoke even before it reaches the detector. It is based on a brand new smoke detection technology using two LEDs, infrared and blue. When the infrared LED reports an obstruction, the blue LED will qualify whether the obstruction is smoke or not. We thus obtain greater accuracy and better use of the alarm activation. EYE recognizes different types of smoke and fumes and distinguishes nuisance sources, such as cooking aerosols, from fire smoke. False alarms are a thing of the past.

EYE marks a breakthrough in the smoke detector market. A total of eleven patents attest to this deep innovation. EYE solves four critical issues: false alarms, the delay in response time, the reliability of the manufacturing process, and the size of the product, often a detriment to its installation and use.

EYE is not a simple smoke sensor, but a connected smart smoke sensor.

EYE is compliant with any Z-Wave® or Z-Wave Plus®, the most widespread standard in Home Automation in Europe and USA.

More than this compliance with Home Automation gateways, EYE sensors can communicate to each other, while there are several units installed to prevent you anywhere in the house.

The NodOn® EYE received a "CES Innovation Award"

Newly presented, already appreciated! The NodOn® EYE has recently won his first"CES Innovation Award" prize, a prestigious honor awarded by a panel of world experts. Awarded in "Smart Home" category, the NodOn® EYE will proudly wear the colors of French Tech during the next CES of Las Vegas. Earlier this year, EYE also received a label OBSERVEUR DU DESIGN in France.

The NodOn® EYEvailable will be available in early 2016.

Meet NodOn at CES Las Vegas!

NodOn® will exhibit at CES at SANDS EXPO, TECH WEST, LEVEL 2, Stand 70544, in Smart Home zone.

About NodOn

NodOn® is a French new brand in automation giving a full range of devices for Home Automation (lighting control, heating, electrical appliances) using low wireless protocols as Z-Wave® and EnOcean®. Our dream is bring Home Automation to everyone, with great design and affordable prices.

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