TiO Launches Phone Application for TiO Home

Major software update enables users to control TiO components from all Android and Apple iOS devices

Anuva Automation, the Florida-based manufacturer of TiO® (Turn it On) brand automation products, announces a major update to their TiO Home App, TiO version 3.1, with major software updates and phone app capabilities for both Android and Apple users.

For the first time, the TiO Home App allows users to control their TiO system with any device on an Android or Apple iOS platform, including phones. The software update features a new menu navigation scheme that streamlines operation and maintains consistency for users controlling their system from multiple devices.

The release of TiO 3.1 comes just weeks after the release of TiO 3.0, which adds expanded TiO Connect capabilities including contact closure functionality (i.e. garage door operation), complete IR control functionality, IP camera management, and numerous audio updates.

"We're excited to release this major update that allows our users the convenience of controlling their TiO system with any Android or iOS device paired to the system," said Sanjay Patel, president of Anuva Automation. "The Android app is available now and the iOS app is in the Apple approval process. We expect that to be released any day now. We are continuously working to improve the TiO experience and we are committed to making our products the best it can be."

"TiO 3.1 provides additional and easier control of TiO by enabling Android phones and iPhones." said John Anderson, product manager of TiO. "The updated app release of TiO 3.1 is a significant milestone in our evolution and makes TiO even more accessible."

To obtain the updated TiO Home 3.1 App, users simply download the new version for free from the Google Play and Apple Store. Updating a currently configured system will not change any of the configuration settings although all Elements must be updated. To download the full update notes, visit TiO Home 3.1 Release Notes.

For more information about TiO home automation products or becoming a dealer, visit http://www.tiohome.com. Follow TiO on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest news on TiO products and information.

About TiO®
TiO, the automation brand that lets users Turn it On with ease, provides "Sophisticated Simplicity" through their unique approach to automation and control systems. Manufactured by Anuva Automation, TiO products are made in the USA and sold exclusively through authorized installing dealers. TiO is engineered to provide flexibility, ease of installation and configuration, and scalability that accommodates a variety of residential and commercial applications. The Anuva family of companies started in 2008 and specialize in design to completion. For more information, visit http://www.tiohome.com or http://www.anuva.com.

About Anuva
Anuva is a "Design to Distribution" family of businesses founded by CEO Vinu Patel and headquartered in Melbourne, Florida. Anuva takes on the increasingly challenging world of electronics by battling time and cost pressures with innovative thinking, technical expertise and decades of industry experience. Anuva prides itself on providing comprehensive services including domestic electronic engineering, design, manufacturing, repair and logistics. Anuva is a US-owned and operated company with a mission to provide a total solution for our clients and employ domestically while making a global contribution. In August 2014 Anuva Automation announced the acquisition of the TiO brand of building automation products. Anuva Automation, through a partnership with AS 9100-certified Anuva Manufacturing in Melbourne, Fla., will be building all of the TiO products in the USA. The talented engineering team at Anuva Innovations, in Morrisville, NC, is led by Sanjay Patel, and develops hardware, software and technology for TiO. Anuva Innovations is ISO 13485 certified.

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