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International CES, which takes place in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2016

SAINT CHRISTOPE EN BRESSE, France, Dec. 14, 2015 -- IKILOCK, an innovative French startup company will unveil three new technology products at the International CES, which takes place in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2016.

Exhibiting during ShowStoppers @ CES on Wednesday, January 6, they will introduce the namesake device, IKILOCK, as well as IKIPLUG, and IKICENTER. They have also just launched their updated website (www.ikilock.com) that describes and promotes each of their new products, all of which are designed to function as a simple, secure, and convenient way to manage home security and connectivity through the use of Bluetooth, WiFi, and mobile technology.

By connecting the devices to doors and locks, heating and cooling units, or lights, the device's smart phone enabled interface will allow users to view each access point and appliance remotely through the engagement of a simple mobile app.

Whether it's for family members, friends, or household contractors, these devices will easily allow registered guests immediate access to locked doors with a shared virtual key, while the user receives live status updates, informing parents, for example, when their children return home from school. The devices are also integrated with a proximity reader, designed - through a pre-programmed command - to automatically open locked doors, turn on the lights, and adjust room temperature when the user comes within a pre-specified range.

"These devices solve dozens of household and home-related issues," says Sebastien Roux, co-founder of IKILOCK. "If you want to unlock your door for guests when you are stuck in traffic; if you are arriving home with hands full of groceries and don't want to fumble with keys; if you're having a package delivered while you're away or expecting a household contractor; these products provide an easy, secure solution to all these situations, and more."

IKILOCK allows for the creation of an unlimited number of virtual keys and assigns times for accessibility, and it works in combination with the other devices from any location in the world while providing live updates and notifications of its current status. There are several modes to grant access, including hands-free proximity with Bluetooth, administered remotely through WiFi, in addition to traditional metal keys. The IKIPLUG is a remote switch that allows users to control household appliances running on a current such as the door of an apartment building, garage doors, and a thermostat or lights, and the IKICENTER is essentially the gateway between the other two devices and the web server to provide remote management.

Now entering the final stage of development and implementation, IKILOCK will showcase fully functioning prototypes of all three devices in time for ShowStoppers @ CES. Company spokespersons and staff will demonstrate the products' innovation, ease of use, and security benefits. The IKILOCK, IKIPLUG, and IKICENTER will soon be available for website pre-orders and they are all expected to hit both the North American and European markets during third quarter of 2016.

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