Parks Associates: More than 20% of broadband households with Internet-connected CE use streaming media players the most for online video

Roku is the third most commonly used connected CE device for streaming, behind Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation

Dallas, Texas, November 4, 2015 - New connected CE research from Parks Associates finds a steadily increasing number of U.S. broadband households are turning to a streaming media player first when looking for online content. Currently, 21% of U.S. broadband households with at least one Internet-connected CE device use a streaming media player as the primary platform for online video, up from 12% a year ago. By comparison, streaming video usage declined for both connected gaming consoles and DVRs and increased modestly for smart TVs.

"Streaming media players continue to stake out a growing portion of the connected home," said Barbara Kraus, Director of Research, Parks Associates. "Roku devices are now the third most widely used connected CE device, trailing only Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation as the most common platforms to access online video content on a TV set. It is a rapid ascendance for streaming media players, and Roku in particular, especially considering the broad base of gaming console ownership compared to the lower penetration of streaming media devices."

Parks Associates' The Streaming Media Device Landscape reports that two-thirds of U.S. broadband households connect at least one device to the Internet. Among these households, a Microsoft Xbox is the most commonly used CE device for streaming at more than 14%, followed closely by Sony PlayStation at just less than 14%. Roku is third at 10%, surpassing brands such as the Nintendo Wii, Samsung, and Google for access to online video content.

Currently, 20% of U.S. broadband households own at least one streaming media cube player and 8% own at least one streaming stick. As penetration increases, CE makers want to add value and generate new revenue streams from the connected living experience through information, entertainment, convenience, and utility.

"CE makers are expected to add more functionality to devices with the hope that the expanding usage can generate more data and increase revenue," Kraus said. "In a sense, these are the same market forces that are pushing broadband operators to embrace smart home and connected health lines of business. More use cases running through the pipes increase the potential for revenue, customer stickiness, and data generation for operators. Device makers are leveraging similar opportunities."

The industry report Connected CE: Trends and Innovations covers connected living room entertainment devices such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, streaming media players, and smart Blu-ray players, as well as emerging CE categories including hobby drones, virtual reality, augmented reality, and connected pet products. It includes forecasts for 4K TVs, gaming consoles, streaming media devices, and smart Blu-ray players through 2019.

Both reports are available for purchase at To schedule an interview with Barbara Kraus or to request specific data, contact Holly Sprague at, 720.987.6614.

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