The Perfect Holiday Gift For Someone Over 50: A Breakthrough TV Speaker That Improves Dialog Clarity

New value-priced TV speakers from ZVOX combine theater-quality sound with AccuVoice technology for revolutionary vocal clarity on TV shows, movies and sporting events.

Swampscott, MA November 03, 2015 -- What is the ultimate technology gift for someone over the age of 50? It could be a sound system that improves dialog on TV shows, movies and sports broadcasts. Over 48 million people in the United States have hearing loss, (most of them are over 50). And many people with perfect hearing still can't hear dialog on the super-tiny speakers in modern TVs. The solution? Add a quality sound system to the TV - preferably one that puts a focus on vocal clarity….like the new SoundBase systems from ZVOX Audio. They use a new technology called AccuVoice® to create "best ever" dialog reproduction. Inspired by hearing aid technology, the ZVOX speaker enables many people with hearing issues to easily understand dialog, even without wearing hearing aids.

"Garbled TV dialog is an epidemic in this country" says ZVOX founder Tom Hannaher. "Broadcasters often choose dramatic audio mixes that sacrifice voice clarity. TV speakers are worse now than in 1952. And there are 95 million Americans over the age of 50. That's a combination that spells trouble."

AccuVoice technology is the latest innovation from ZVOX, the company that pioneered both the sound bar and the SoundBase home theater concepts. The new systems (Model 350, $249.99; Model 450 $299.99) keep up the company's tradition for sound quality - with built-in powered subwoofers, PhaseCue® virtual surround sound and aptX Bluetooth music streaming. They're also simple to install and use - with only one cabinet, one connecting wire and a one-page owner's manual.

The new ZVOX models are shipping now, and are available at select retailers nationwide, as well as web sites like, and When purchased directly from the web site, the systems are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

ZVOX 450 Specifications

* Dimensions; 28″ w x 14.5″ d x 3.5″ h
* Weight: 15.5 pounds. With box and packing: 21 pounds.
* Amplifier: 45 Watts.
* Frequency range: 45 Hz - 20 kHz.
* The 5.25" subwoofer uses a high-mass long-throw design in a ported enclosure.
* The five 2" main speaker drivers use a long-throw design to create remarkably wide range, accurate sound.
* May accommodate up to an 60″ wide television*
* MSRP: $299.99

ZVOX 350 Specifications

* Dimensions; 24″ w x 11.5″ d x 3.5″ h
* Weight: 12 pounds. With box and packing: 17 pounds.
* Amplifier: 35 Watts.
* Frequency range: 48 Hz - 20 kHz.
* The 5.25″ subwoofer uses a high-mass long-throw design in a ported enclosure.
* The three 2" main speaker drivers use a long-throw design to create remarkably wide range, accurate sound.
* May accommodate up to an 50″ wide television*
* MSRP: $249.99

*Compatibility may vary depending on specific TV stand design.

About ZVOX Audio
ZVOX, a pioneer of simple home theater solutions is recognized for introducing the first commercially successful sound bar in 2004 and the first SoundBase TV audio system in 2008. Based out of Swampscott, MA, the company was founded in 2003 by audio enthusiasts looking to create great sound in a simple form factor.

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