Record Number of Vivint Customers Opting for Smart Home Services

Eighty percent of new customers are choosing an integrated, professionally installed smart home system

PROVO, Utah--Vivint, a leading provider of smart home technology, now has one million customers across North America and is experiencing record demand for its integrated smart home products and services. Of new customers, 80 percent are choosing multiple smart home devices with their system, such as a smart door lock, thermostat, indoor or outdoor camera, or the recently released Vivint Doorbell Camera. Vivint has also seen a 60 percent increase in smart home customers since the launch of its Vivint Sky smart home platform in the spring of 2014.

According to research from Parks Associates, nearly 40 percent of U.S. households are planning to buy a smart home product in the next 12 months.1 Many of these consumers are turning to full-service smart home providers, citing frustration with the high upfront costs and the difficult installation of standalone, do-it-yourself (DIY) smart home products.

"The majority of smart products are integrated into professionally installed security systems," said Tom Kerber, research director at Parks Associates. "Our data shows continuing interest in connected devices. Some devices, such as a smart thermostat or networked security cameras, have strong leads over other devices."

For Vivint, a main driver for smart home growth is the new Vivint Doorbell Camera, which has become one of the company's highest-selling products. Vivint is the only smart home provider to offer a doorbell camera integrated with a smart home platform. With the Vivint Doorbell Camera, homeowners can see and talk to anyone on their doorstep, and at the same time have remote access to unlock the door for a visitor or open the garage door for a delivery.

"We saw a huge opportunity to dramatically improve the front door experience, whether you're at home or away," said Todd Pedersen, CEO of Vivint. "We designed and built our own Vivint Doorbell Camera because we understood the need for a full communication and control experience for the front door and no one else was doing it."

Vivint offers a comprehensive range of smart home products and services on a single, integrated smart home platform. The benefits of a Vivint smart home include:

* A smart home, not just a smart device. Homeowners can create a customized smart home that integrates automatic door locks, a smart thermostat, indoor and outdoor cameras, lighting control, a garage door opener, a doorbell camera, cloud storage and an array of sensors including smoke, motion, carbon monoxide, door, window, glass break and more.

* Integrated platform. Seamless interaction between the Vivint smart home platform and its devices eliminates many of the usability, interoperability and support issues for consumers caused by disjointed smart home solutions. Research from Parks Associates on smart home devices shows that 50 percent of owners regularly experience problems with at least one device,2 and that these devices will prompt more than 7 million support requests this year.3

* Professional installation. For a $99 activation fee, Vivint customers can get a comprehensive smart home (approximately $2,000 worth of products and installation) and a monthly service fee less than half the cost of an average cable bill.4

* Security and privacy. Vivint smart home products work together securely, out of the box, with no need for an installer to manually configure security settings, or for a customer to change default passcodes to guard against hacking. Vivint Sky encrypts all video footage across a private wireless network, separate from the homeowner's network.

* Monitoring. One of the advantages of a managed smart home system is around-the-clock monitoring and support. Vivint responds within a few seconds to medical, fire, flood, carbon monoxide and burglary alerts. If the Vivint monitoring team doesn't get a response from the homeowner, they immediately alert emergency responders.

* Support. Vivint offers 24/7 customer care for homeowners to make sure they know how to use their system and to provide ongoing support.

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