CEDIA - Yale Launches Bluetooth Door Lock And Companion Smartphone/Smartwatch Apps

Create digital keys for family and friends, control who has access and when. --- Bluetooth lock works with Android and iOS phones, plus new Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch.

NEW HAVEN, CONN., October 8, 2015 - Yale Locks & Hardware offers homeowners a new level of convenience and security with the introduction today of a Bluetooth residential door lock, operated wirelessly with a smartphone and Samsung's newest smartwatch.

The new Yale Real Living Assure Lock with Bluetooth replaces conventional keys with digital keys accessed through the Yale Digital Keys app for Android and iOS mobile devices, and through an app for the new Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch, announced today.

The Yale app allows homeowners to unlock doors, send keys to others, control when others have access, get a message when someone enters, and revoke a digital key at any time. Unlocking the deadbolt couldn't be simpler, whether using the Samsung Gear S2 or a smartphone. With the new Samsung Gear S2, touch the watch app to activate the digital key, then touch the lock screen to unlock the deadbolt. With a smartphone, Yale's "Twist and Go" technology allows the user to hold the phone vertically when approaching the door, then twist it 90 degrees to unlock the deadbolt. Homeowners can also unlock the deadbolt using its capacitive touchscreen and a four- to eight-digit code.

For enhanced security, the lock and app are powered by award-winning Seos technology, a multi-platform ecosystem for issuing, delivering and revoking digital keys across a broad range of smart devices. Seos was developed by Yale parent company ASSA ABLOY and is currently used in hotels, universities, hospitals, and all types of office and commercial buildings.

"Our Bluetooth lock and Digital Keys app deliver a new level of security, convenience and versatility to homeowners, and most importantly, keep it simple - all that's needed is the lock and a phone to manage access to your home," said Jason Williams, General Manager, Yale Residential. "And Seos reassures homeowners that their homes are secured by robust, proven technology."

The Yale Real Living Digital Keys app displays a patent-pending digital key ring that's swiped to easily scan keys. Users can set colors and upload photos to match keys and locks with people and locations, share or revoke keys any time, manage when each user can access the lock, and receive notifications when a key is accepted or used. For convenience, the same digital key can be used to access multiple locks on one or more properties, and there's no limit on the number of digital key users.

For those instances when the phone isn't handy or for family members who don't own a smartphone, the deadbolt can be unlocked by entering an entry code into the keypad. It can hold up to 12 codes. The touchscreen, the same capacitive touchscreen in use for years on millions of Yale digital locks, wakes with a touch, and is weather-tight and virtually indestructible. And as a true key free lock, there's no cylinder to pick or bump.

For peace of mind, should the lock batteries drain, the deadbolt can be powered by simply touching a nine-volt battery to the terminals at the bottom of the lock.

For utmost flexibility and protection from obsolescence, the lock's Bluetooth module can be supplemented with another module, such as Z-Wave, ZigBee, or any new technology that might emerge. This also allows a homeowner to add the lock to a home automation system, if desired.

The new Yale Real Living Assure Lock with Bluetooth will be available in November at a suggested retail price of $224.99. It's available in three finishes - polished brass, satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze. The Yale Digital Keys app comes with five free digital keys. Additional digital keys can be purchased for $1.99 each on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

About Yale
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