Libre Wireless Technologies Delivers Consumer Electronics Product Companies the Most Advanced Multi-Room Audio Platform

DDMS technology creates a highly efficient over the air interface that does not over burden the Home Access Points like most other multizone approaches.

IRVINE, Calif.--Libre Wireless Technologies, Inc. a leading embedded WiFi and Wireless solutions provider, today announced their popular LibreSync WiFi media streaming platform now includes their advanced "Dynamic Direct Multinode Streaming" technology (DDMS). DDMS brings ground breaking whole home music streaming features to enable the broad market of OEM's and ODM's who make consumer electronic audio and IoT products.

The DDMS technology is unique in that it can stream high bandwidth lossless and highly synchronized music to very many audio products and end point devices throughout a home. The DDMSTM technology can also be used in outdoor and portable products away from the home so consumers can create fun experiences by grouping multiple speakers playing synchronized music to their own and their friend's speakers simultaneously. This unique capability thus enables brands to offer very new and compelling use cases for the consumer's individual and social activities.

DDMS technology creates a highly efficient over the air interface that does not over burden the Home Access Points like most other multizone approaches. This provides for a much improved consumer experience that will benefit all Access Points with any WiFi configuration (even single antenna 11b or 11g Home APs). This technology dramatically reduces the overall WiFi bandwidth and traffic required for multiroom streaming applications resulting in a much more robust network, much longer range and supporting a tremendous number of speakers and devices in the network. On average, DDMS is 10x to 20x more efficient than other multiroom solutions in the market.

This DDMS technology was first shown in private at CES in January 2015 where Libre Wireless demonstrated 30 WiFi audio products streaming all at once. The demonstration included a "wall of sound" where 24 speakers were divided 12-and-12 in a large Left/Right stereo speaker configuration with an additional 6 units scattered around multiple bedrooms behind walls and doors like in a real home. Multiple simultaneous groups were created showing multi-group streaming of different content to different groups, showing that any combination of products can be dynamically formed into a group and enjoy different music in each group.

Libre Wireless has since completed production of this advanced DDMS technology to enable breakthrough multiroom audio products with first products shipping to consumers this month. "When I first saw the demonstration of thirty speakers at CES, I was extremely impressed. When most other technologies were only able to show five to eight, it was clear this was a breakthrough technology" says Scott Steinberg, CEO for Bullitt Group Audio Products. "Having just launched our Ministry of Sound product line of LIbreSync enabled speakers featuring DDMS multiroom audio, we couldn't be more excited about the unique advantages and features especially with the in-home/outdoor multi-device streaming capability featured in our portable M & L series product."

"Our team has been developing WiFi audio streaming products for over a decade and we have learned quite a lot about what works and what doesn't," says Hooman Kashef, CEO of Libre Wireless Technologies. "We invented DDMS to solve the critical challenges of multiroom audio as well as enable this unique and seamless ability to use products in or out of the home. There are very exciting use cases which are enabled by our LibreSync platform that exploit the breakthrough benefits or our DDMS technology. Our platform provides customers with the ability to customize their solutions and we can not wait to see the array of innovative and creative products that are being developed come to the market."

"Our LIbreSync platform was developed to meet our customers diverse needs for varying cost-performance points, so we developed a range of WiFi media modules optimized around different features and capabilities" says Jordan Watters, COO at Libre Wireless Technologies. "As multi-device streaming is becoming so popular, we enabled DDMS technology in all of our modules so that these unique features can be enjoyed across the product line - no matter the solution cost, size or power requirements. Indoor, outdoor, mobile, portable, small, large, hi-rez, AVR, speaker, minisystem, sound bar, wall powered or battery powered - Libre has a solution and they can all seamlessly interoperate with synchronized music streaming via our DDMS technology."

About Libre Wireless Technologies, Inc.
Libre Wireless Technologies has extensive expertise and experience in developing WiFi, wireless and media streaming software and SDK platforms, electronic modules and RF/antenna design solutions. The Libre team has deep WiFi technology and A/V system design experience combined with world wide sales, technical support and design partnerships. The LibreSync platform incorporates unique media streaming technology, broad mobile platform ecosystem support, seamless interoperability, scalable price/performance solution options, optimized and flexible WiFi/Bluetooth options (1x1 11n, 2x2 11n, 11n/ac) and extensive system level features. Optimized for performance, power, size and cost, LibreSync solutions provide ODM's and CE Brand customers with the most complete, flexible and ecosystem leading media streaming platform available.

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