Control Your Personal Wireless Lighting System with Hue Lights

It’s compatible with any iOS device including the new Apple Watch.

September 26, 2015 -- Hue Lights was featured on NewsWatch as part of its monthly AppWatch, which takes a look at the latest and coolest applications on the market for iOS, Android, and Windows. Joe Toohey, the host of AppWatch and technology expert, conducted the app review and shared with viewers how this app beautifully syncs with Philips Hue System.

Smart bulbs are fast becoming super popular as they put home lights under control. So, naturally, there are apps that work perfectly with these home light systems. One app in particular is Hue Lights, which works seamlessly with Philips Hue System.

To begin using the app, users simply screw in the light bulbs and turn them on. They then have to open the app and connect each bulb with the press of a button. The user can schedule the lights to go on or off any time of day, turn individual ones on or off, or dim them using different hues. How about simulating a sunrise or a lightning storm? Of course users can do it with this app. In fact, users can use up to 16 million different colors and shades of white to create any scene users want. Perfect for a concert setting or a fade in or fade out theatrical setting.

The Hue Lights app actually works with any bulb that uses ZigBee standard technology such as GE Link or Osram bulbs. It's compatible with any iOS device including the new Apple Watch. The free version of Hue Lights allows users to control two lights but with in-app purchases users can unlock up to 50 lights.
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