Curtains Please: treVolo Takes Center Stage at the Luxury Technology Show 2015

BenQ Shows Off Portable Speaker at High-End Tech Event Touting Distinct Design and Sophisticated Sound

COSTA MESA, Calif. -- Sept. 24, 2015 -- BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned digital lifestyle solutions provider, today announced that the company's award-winning treVolo portable electrostatic Bluetooth(R) speaker will be featured at this year's Luxury Technology Show. Held on Sept. 30 at the W Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, the one-of-a-kind showcase brings together the latest innovations from some of the most prestigious and cutting-edge technology brands in categories such as home and business electronics, high-end appliances, mobile devices, and more.

BenQ's uniquely designed treVolo speaker delivers sonic brilliance with unparalleled highs and accurate bass that let music connoisseurs appreciate every detail. Using electrostatic technology, the device ensures that every musical nuance is delivered crisply and cleanly using main electrostatic drivers that emit sound in multiple directions. Equipped with dual woofers and dual passive radiators for authentic bass tones, treVolo also features a quad-amplified design that optimizes driver output for maximum performance. treVolo lets music take flight for up to 12 hours on a single charge and adds a convenient speakerphone function -- with noise-cancelling microphone -- so that users can easily make or take calls.

Specially made to deliver an unmatched personal listening experience, treVolo features three preset audio profile modes to generate unique sound signatures for specific music genres. Using its "Pure" default mode, treVolo provides balanced tonal accuracy with minimal equalization to maintain a song's natural detail. For a softer sound experience, the unit's "Warm" mode generates a more traditional Bluetooth speaker sound with emphasis on accurate bass reproduction. With treVolo's "Vivid" mode, the device accentuates vocal melodies or lead instruments such as guitars, horns, or other elements within complex multitrack recordings. The end result is a customized audio experience regardless of musical genre, recording technique, or input source.

"Since its introduction earlier this year, treVolo has been winning over music lovers, audiophiles, and professional musicians by delivering an audio experience that looks as refined as it sounds," said J.Y. Hu, Vice President, Business Line Management at BenQ America Corp. "With its collapsible electrostatic wing panel design, treVolo creates a sound tapestry that was only previously available on premium, floor-standing speakers. We look forward to demonstrating this sleek innovation at Luxury Technology Show 2015 and winning over the imagination of even more listeners."

To instantly pair devices, treVolo's aptX Bluetooth wireless technology allows users to connect handheld devices including iPhones(R), Android(TM) devices, tablets, or PCs without the limitations of line inputs or the need for power outlets. This lets listeners rapidly unleash portable sound directly from streaming music services such as iTunes(R), Pandora(R), Spotify(R), or any personal digital library. Adding even more flexibility, treVolo includes a 16-bit digital USB input for enhanced connectivity from any PC, tablet, or audio player, as well as an analog lineout function that enables the unit to operate as a Bluetooth receiver in a home environment if desired.

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(1) Based upon Q1'15 Quarterly Projector Shipment and Forecast Report from PMA Research

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