Neurio Launches “Home Energy Monitor” to Reduce Energy Costs and Usage

Simple, Cost-Effective Device Helps Users Track How Energy is Being Used in the Home

September 16, 2015, Vancouver, BC, Canada - With energy costs rising and most homes wasting up to 20 percent of the electricity they use, Neurio, a developer of innovative and money-saving smart home technologies, today announced the "Home Energy Monitor," an easy-to-use device that allows users to quickly track their energy use in real-time and reduce consumption to save money. The product is a follow-up to the successful Neurio Home Intelligence Monitor that launched earlier this year.

The Neurio Home Energy Monitor, is available for pre-order beginning today for $149 at and will ship in early-October. Via the free Neurio iOS, Android or web apps, users are able to easily track power usage in real-time to understand when and where energy is being used in the house, and ultimately save money by identifying where their energy dollars are being spent.

Users have the potential to save money quickly by recognizing energy use patterns and habits. Key features include:

· Real-time energy monitoring: The Home Energy Monitor provides real-time energy monitoring and insights into where energy is being wasted within the home

· "Always On" identifier: Allows users to see how much energy is being used by items in the house that are always on

· Home Comparison: Users can gauge how much energy they are using compared to other homes in their area

· Energy Saving Tips: The Monitor and accompanying app provide energy saving tips, with helpful advice to help users lower their energy bills

· Solar Insights: For anyone using solar energy, the Home Energy Monitor shows how much energy is being generated and the users' net consumption

· Easy To Install: The Home Energy Monitor can be installed in less than 15 minutes, as the device features a single sensor attached to a home's circuit box, allowing for home monitoring right out of the box

"The Neurio Home Energy Monitor delivers an affordable, yet powerful way to truly see how a home is operating and where power is being used," said Janice Cheam, President and CEO of Neurio. "By being smarter about energy use, consumers can know where their power dollars are going and ultimately make adjustments that can save them significant amounts of money."

Utility Bill Forecasts

To provide users with even more energy use insights, the Home Energy Monitor allows users to "predict" their upcoming utility bills, so that they are not surprised when the invoice arrives. Users input their rate information from their utility into the app and Neurio then monitors their real-time energy usage to predict the monthly bill. This will help consumers better manage their energy and be prepared for their bills.

An Open Platform that Works with Other Smart Home Products

Neurio is designed as an open platform to work hand-in-hand with other smart home products. Neurio makes other smart devices even smarter by providing real-time data and analysis about the home. Through Neurio's open API and integrations with 3rd party applications such as IFTTT, Neurio is encouraging developers, makers and hackers to create their own experiences with Neurio, ultimately providing consumers with an incredibly robust and beneficial platform.

About Neurio:
Neurio is a leading home intelligence technology company that's turning the smart home market upside down. By using a single home sensor and some really smart cloud-based analytics, Neurio can monitor individual electrical appliances from inside a home's breaker panel without the need to install sensors on every device. Homeowners will finally know what's going on in their homes and gain better security, comfort and energy efficiency.

Neurio is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. For more information, visit

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