NEOTION Unveils “Neohome” at IBC; a Secure Smart Home Ecosystem

Which Will Open New Monetization Possibilities for Operators!

AUBAGNE, France--NEOTION, a technology leader specialised in innovation and production of secure Devices for the Digital Pay-TV market, today unveils "Neohome", a complete and secure smart home ecosystem, based on Neotion's range of Home Gateways and its in-house security processor, compatible with a large range of wireless smart home devices.

The Smart Home market, which forms part of the future of IoT, promises huge growth and revenue, with more than 100 billion IoT devices to be deployed in the next 10 years across the globe. Built on its core ASIC and security foundations, Neotion will offer a wide range of Smart Home products and services. In line with any existing or future OTT strategies, this will open new revenue opportunities for Operators and Broadcasters.

Neotion positions itself as a smart home technology solution provider by offering a complete ecosystem, driven by a range of Gateways (Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc.) and home automation devices including secure Wi-Fi Cameras, to meet two important consumer demands:

- safety and security
- lighting and energy control

As recognised security specialists, Neotion have developed a smart home ecosystem which ensures a real respect of privacy and security of all smart home information. All data, videos, photos, transmitted on the Neohome network, at home as well as in the cloud, will be encrypted and fully secured. All Neohome gateways will be driven by a GS1 in-house security chip designed by Neotion as well as an NFC solution, which enables a simplified and secure pairing of smart home devices. Leveraging on our strong experience in interoperability for CE and operator products (CAM & TV) Neotion will launch a certification and approval program for gateways and RF devices, to ensure full interoperability for all operator devices. Neotion have integrated a complete Smart Home platform through its strategic partnerships with M2M Solutions and Em-Sys. This allows Neotion to present an advanced and mature solution ready to be deployed in the market and which covers, not only smart home functionality, connected devices, pre-recorded scenarios but also, additional features such as SMS notifications, billing, and so on.

The originality of the Neohome offer is definitely the philosophy behind the company's approach by combining Smart Home and Media Entertainment Management. This original and consumer oriented approach allows not only the development of traditional functions of home automation management, but also a clever and secure distribution of multimedia and Television content across multiple screens in the home. The two worlds, Entertainment and Smart Home, will be combined on a single application, accessible from all screens (Including tablets and smartphones) in the house, but also the TV. It will be possible for example to receive notifications, view a video stream from the cameras, while watching TV in the living room or in the bedroom.

"By combining these two worlds of entertainment and Smart Home, Neotion opens interesting and exciting perspectives: Our global road map already plans to go even further, in Media content access and management, Music distribution solutions and advanced links with Social Networks," says Gregory Wieczorek, President of Neotion.

First stage of Neotion strategy is the presentation of this smart home platform at IBC Hall 4 stand B53, followed by a launch of the first commercial and deployment offers planned Q2 2016.

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