Indiegogo - Westinghouse Security’s Innovative Smart Lock, Nucli, Has Reached its Funding Goal in its First Week on Indiegogo

After one week of running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Nucli has reached its funding goal and will now become a reality

MILWAUKEE, WI September 04, 2015

Westinghouse Security's newest innovation, Nucli, brings groundbreaking home security technology to the masses. Complete with fingerprint recognition, virtual keys, camera, voicemail, real-time voice communication, remote auto-locking and smartphone applications, Nucli allows users to keep the people and places they love safe.

"We're so grateful the crowdfunding community has embraced Nucli," said Kevin Henderson, creator of Nucli. "We're excited to work with our contributors, we want their input so we can make Nucli everything they want it to be."

Installing Nucli is simple. There is no drilling involved; the only equipment required is a Phillips head screwdriver. Users simply screw in a fixing plate on both sides of the door and the two halves of the lock connect between them. This method provides a strong hold on the door and easy installation.

Nucli is currently available on Indiegogo through September 24th at a limited time discounted price of $325. To learn more about Nucli, visit the campaign page or email mary(at)

About Westinghouse Security
Westinghouse Security designs and builds both locks and smart devices for use in home, commercial and other applications. Our products support Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and Bluetooth connectivity and are broadly compatible with smart devices from other manufacturers. Westinghouse Security is based in Orlando FL, with facilities also located in Milwaukee WI. WESTINGHOUSE and INNOVATION YOU CAN BE SURE OF are trademarks of Westinghouse Electric Corporation. For more information, visit

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