Indiegogo - Butterfleye Wireless Home Monitoring Camera System Launched on Indiegogo

Butterfleye is launching today on Indiegogo to bring their smart, simple, and wireless home monitoring camera to life. Using infrared technology to sense activity and prompt recording, Butterfleye lets you see and hear what's happening in your home when you are away.

Unlike other home monitoring cameras, Butterfleye uses Activity Based Recording (ABR) to only record when humans, pets, or specific sounds are detected, eliminating the problem of storing empty footage and significantly reducing the amount of false alarms. Butterfleye is looking to raise USD$150,000 to begin mass production:

Using a combination of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cloud technologies, Butterfleye connects to your smartphone and instantly sends you notifications when it detects meaningful events. With the help of ABR and a unique algorithm powered by video analytics and the camera's multiple sensors, Butterfleye learns your routines and habits, sending you smarter notifications over time. Crucially, Butterfleye's smart motion capabilities ensure that lights switching on/off, tree branches moving outside, or action on the TV, is not reported as an alarm. Butterfleye offers complete peace of mind; whether you're at work and want to keep an eye on your pet, or to ensure your home is safe whilst on holiday. Within the Butterfleye app for iOS and Android is an easy to browse video newsfeed of individual occasions when the camera has detected sound or movement - letting you quickly review the day's activity.

Butterfleye is completely cord-free, housing a rechargeable lithium ion battery that holds a charge for two weeks, boosted by the efficiencies of ABR. This allows the user to place Butterfleye anywhere around the home or outdoors and live-stream HD footage without the need for a power output to be nearby; meaning you never miss a moment. Combine this with 12 hours' worth of internal storage and the ability to record video without an internet connection, Butterfleye is a highly versatile monitoring camera.

Ben Nader, CEO and Founder of Butterfleye, explains, "My home is my sanctuary and after multiple break-ins I found myself looking for a way to protect it. With Butterfleye, we have designed something that offers peace of mind to people no matter where they are. Indiegogo is an ideal platform for us to open up the idea to people and build a community."

Butterfleye is constantly being used in new and inventive ways; to monitoring pets and babies, securing the home, keeping an eye on loved ones, and even as a way to capture precious memories around the home. Powered by the camera's onboard computer, Butterfleye is able to distinguish the difference between humans and pets, and alert you appropriately. While out of your home, you are able to watch a live-stream via your smartphone and even talk to your pet through the camera's 2-way microphone and audio.

Butterfleye technical specifications include:

* Full HD 1080p recording
* One day of free rolling cloud storage, including paid options for 7 days' worth and 30 days' worth of rolling storage
* 12 hours' worth of internal storage
* LAN/WAN/IP direct stream
* Microphone
* Speaker
* Motion, Audio, Light, and Accelerometer Sensors
* 10.8Ah lithium ion battery

Butterfleye is now available to pre-order on Indiegogo with pledge levels for the camera starting from $199 for early bird backers and will ship to those backers by December 2015.

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