Chinese Portable Bluetooth Speakers Go From Price Competition To Innovation

Chinese manufacturers of Bluetooth speakers avoid price competition with in-house design, innovation, and multi-functional use, according to

August 20, 2015

Wireless speakers have been around ever since the launch of Bluetooth V2.0, thanks to the faster data speeds it offered. However, Chinese manufacturers have always produced cheap Bluetooth speakers to compete on price. Recently, Chinavasion has launched portable speakers with innovative features and multiple purpose use.

Innovation over cheap price tag.

Eric Yu, product manager at Chinavasion says: "We're seeing a clear trend of manufacturers designing their own products, instead of making modifications to designs of well-known Western speaker brands.

In addition, we're seeing innovative features such as wholesale Bluetooth speakers with built in LED lights that move with the beats of music or speakers that can also function as a remote camera shutter." The China wholesale company believes that electronics makers have realized that their innovations pay off in the long run.


"As portable speakers are becoming a more important part of people's busy lives, we see how they have evolve together to meet our lifestyles," says Chinavasion's PR manager Rose Li.

It is well known that music lovers like to listen to their favorite songs while in the shower. "More than 30% of our Bluetooth speaker offerings are now waterproof. Some of the portable speakers even have an IP67 rating, allowing them to be immersed in water up to 1 meter deep, making them suitable for adventurous outdoor activities."


In recent years, the amount of ‘must-have' devices has increased. Tech-savvy consumers carry multiple devices such as a smartphone, tablet, headphones, and portable chargers. As a result, manufacturers would love to see the Bluetooth speakers becoming a part of what people carry on a daily basis.

2015 seems to be a breakthrough year for portable speakers as they become multi-functional. Marita Gu, customer support manager at Chinavasion says: "Based on requests from customers we've launched multi-functional devices such as gloves and karaoke microphones with built in speakers. Moreover, more and more high capacity power banks have built in Bluetooth speakers."

Even though innovation is keeping a high pace, Chinese speaker makers are leapfrogging ahead when it comes to specifications and quality. Chinavasion states that more and more portable sound systems with Bluetooth 4.0 are being launched and that this allows devices to improve energy efficiency 5 to 10 fold.

In addition, as more high Watt speakers are launched by Chinese manufacturers with the aim of offering greater sound output, they are now starting to compete, and even surpass the quality of Western made devices when it comes to sound capabilities.

Chinavasion is an online retailer and wholesaler of home audio systems, home cinema devices and other electronics and gadgets. The online firm is based in Shenzhen, China, which is the world's high tech production hub.

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