Indiegogo - LightFreq Square2, the Smart Light Bulb, HD Speaker and Intercom, has One Day Left in Indiegogo Campaign

Square2 helps users turn their home into a smarthome party house

Atlanta, GA July 27, 2015

LightFreq Square2 is the smart lightbulb that can wake users up with music and weather notifications, provide the latest sports scores and also perform as a whole-house music and intercom system. It has been crowdfunding on Indiegogo for the last month and has raised just over $70K, making it another successful crowdfunding campaign for the LightFreq team.

For those who are constantly forgetting to turn the lights off after they leave a room, LightFreq Square2 has the ability to immediately turn lights off when no one is in the room, and turn them back on when a user enters the room. Square2 even lasts up to 40,000 hours turned on. Square2 and MUTE, a compatible, smaller light bulb with the same lighting functionality as the Square2, can both be easily controlled by smart devices using LightFreq's customizable switCH app.

When users download the switCH app on their Apple Watch, iOS, Android or Windows device, they can control all aspects of their Square2 by just swiping up and down, like an actual lightswitch, or swiping through different rooms in their house. With the mobile app, users can stream music, choose from 16 million colors, sync Square2 with different mobile apps like Uber, and activate the security feature that turns lights on and off randomly when homeowners are on vacation, or a business trip.

"We're so grateful for the support that we have received to complete yet another successful campaign," said the team behind LightFreq Square2. "We can't thank our backers enough for all that they've helped us accomplish, and we can't wait to deliver the perfected product they have been waiting for."

LightFreq Square2's Indiegogo campaign will run until Tuesday, July 28. Backers can still get Square2's for their next house party or holiday event. For just $175, supporters of Square2 can purchase a set of two, or purchase an additional MUTE for just $18. For more information about the campaign, visit

The LightFreq team has extensive experience in music, engineering, coding, product and graphic design as well as app development. With degrees from Purdue, Arizona State, Cleveland State and technical schools, the LightFreq team combines prestigious education with experience. LightFreq Inc. has a mission to bring innovative technology and sound/light together in various ways - the LightFreq bulb is just the first of many products to come. Learn more about LightFreq Inc. here:

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