Indiegogo - CURB Extends Indiegogo Campaign, with Significant Early-Adopter Savings on Pre-orders

Holistic Home Energy Intelligence Solution Receives “Works with SmartThings” Certification

AUSTIN, Texas--As the summer temperatures continue to rise in Central Texas, so does interest in the Austin-based CURB, a smart home technology startup. The company today announced that it is extending its Indiegogo campaign another 30 days with new stretch goals, after hitting its initial $25,000 target in less than 48 hours. Interest in and response to the innovative home energy intelligence system have been overwhelmingly positive. CURB has already exceeded 230% of its 30-day campaign goal and doubled its currently active user base across residential and commercial properties.

CURB also announced today that its home energy monitoring solution has received the "Works with SmartThings" certification from a market leader in home automation, SmartThings, part of the Samsung Global Innovation Center.

With SmartThings integration, CURB customers can increase energy savings by turning off individual lights, switches and other Z-Wave and ZigBee devices, directly through the "Energy CURB" mobile app, as well as providing real-time energy and cost feedback. Additionally, because the SmartThings platform is designed to be open, many products (existing and in the future) are already compatible and seamlessly integrate with the CURB system, enabling customers to manage and track their energy usage more effectively.

"It's been an amazing 30 days and we're inspired by the outpouring of interest in the CURB home energy monitoring system by consumers, solar installers and even utilities," said Erik Norwood, CEO of CURB. "We're particularly excited about the SmartThings certification because we've spent a lot of time listening to the CURB and SmartThings communities about their desires for deeper integration of device control and automated energy conservation."

Soon, CURB customers will be able to set up specific rules based on energy data and other sensors in their home. For example, if the windows or doors in a home are open and the air conditioner turns on, the CURB app will send a real-time update to the homeowner; alerting them and helping eliminate energy waste. There are an endless number of ways customers can configure CURB with SmartThings, making their homes more energy efficient, convenient and safer.

An Intuitive and Adaptive Home Energy Monitoring System

CURB is a holistic home energy intelligence solution that connects people to their homes, even when away, to provide useful information about how and where energy is being used - all without expensive or disruptive home renovation. CURB easily connects to the home's breaker panel for ongoing analysis of electricity usage on a circuit-by-circuit basis. From there, CURB's proprietary hardware and software algorithms identify the amount and cost of energy used by different devices and appliances in real-time, and can even alert customers if they accidentally left something hazardous (e.g. a curling iron) or expensive (e.g. a freezer door) unattended.

The CURB mobile applications, web dashboard, and weekly email reports give people the information and technology they need to control their energy use, with 24/7 peace of mind about the safety and security of the home. Key features include:

* Real-time Spending Breakdown: see the amount and cost of energy being used and get a breakdown by appliance, device or zone via the mobile app and desktop dashboard.
* Remote Controls & Triggers: integration with partner platforms, including SmartThings, allows customers to control other smart home products directly from the CURB app.
* Solar Energy Monitoring: keep tabs on how much electricity your system is generating, compete for net-zero results, and see if there are any malfunctions.
* Real-Time Alerts: immediate knowledge of abnormal energy usage and potentially dangerous situations - a curling iron left on, or a freezer door left open.
* Tailored Reports to Stay on Track: Weekly personalized emails report progress, identify changes in consumption and give suggestions tailored to your home about how to conserve power and money.

Consumers and installers can pre-order the CURB home energy intelligence system with significant early-adopter savings through Indiegogo, with orders shipping in September. CURB starts at $249. CURB PRO and DUO packages, with sensors able to monitor up to 36 appliances, devices or zones are also available. The free CURB mobile app, "Energy CURB," is available for iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play.

ABOUT CURB: An Austin-based energy tech startup founded in 2012, CURB provides insight into home electricity usage, giving users control to make their homes safer, more energy efficient, and more affordable. The award-winning CURB energy management solution provides circuit-level electricity monitoring, real-time reporting, smart alerts and remote energy controls. Get your CURB now at:

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