Amped Wireless ATHENA, a Premium, HighPower AC2600 Wi-Fi Router with MU-MIMO is Now Available

Ultimate Wi-Fi coverage and bandwidth for the most demanding multi-user households

Chino Hills, CA July 07, 2015

Amped Wireless, the leading manufacturer of high power, long range wireless solutions for the home and office, today announced that its new flagship ATHENA HighPower AC2600 Wi-Fi Router with MU-MIMO is now available. Designed to meet the needs of demanding, high activity households with multiple devices, the ATHENA provides enough horsepower to easily manage music downloads, video chats, 4K content streaming and gaming all at the same time for everyone. Featuring ground breaking MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multi-Input, Multi-Output) technology, the ATHENA eliminates buffering by allowing for simultaneous data streaming to multiple devices. As with all Amped Wireless products, the ATHENA also features the latest high power technology for ultimate Wi-Fi coverage throughout a home or office.

The ATHENA, powered by the Qualcomm® Internet Processor with a cutting edge 1.4 GHz Dual Core, is capable of handling the most demanding network traffic. To achieve unmatched Wi-Fi coverage, the ATHENA features four high gain, 5dBi, dual band antennas, and 16 total amplifiers (4 x 2.4GHz transmitting amplifiers, 4 x 2.4GHz receiving amplifiers, 4 x 5GHz transmitting amplifiers, 4 x 5GHz receiving amplifiers). It is the most advanced makeup of any Amped Wireless product. By harnessing this much power in one router, Amped Wireless has made it possible for the ATHENA to push Wi-Fi signals through walls, ceilings, floors and other obstructions into many areas where standard routers cannot reach.

Additionally, the ATHENA features 4 Antenna Technology to simultaneously stream four streams of Wi-Fi to all users reaching a total combined speed of up to 2.53Gbps (5GHz up to 1733Mbps and 2.4GHz up to 800Mbps). Four Antenna Technology also ensures that Wi-Fi coverage is maximized throughout an office, home or backyard.

By incorporating Qualcomm® VIVE™ with Qualcomm® MU | EFX multi-user MIMO technology into the design of the ATHENA, users will experience up to three times faster Wi-Fi to compatible smartphones, tablets, laptops and televisions, all at once. The ATHENA is designed for peak performance on what other routers would consider to be a crowded network. Standard Wi-Fi networks deliver data to one device at a time, while MU-MIMO is built for multi-tasking as it simultaneously serves more bandwidth to all devices on the network.

The AC2600 Router is equipped with two USB ports, including a USB 3.0 port, for file sharing and five gigabit wired ports for attaching additional wired devices and connecting to a modem. The Athena includes an updated user interface, premium software features such as guest networks, adjustable Wi-Fi coverage controls, parental security and advanced prioritization rules for Wi-Fi networks or individual connected devices.

"Think of the router in your home right now as a tug of war between your household members. You want to watch a video so you pull one way, a family member starts playing an online game and pulls another, and an email check and music streaming session pulls your network in yet another direction. That is what happens to your Wi-Fi when two or more people are trying to use it at the same time and you have a standard router," said Lacey Limbrick, Brand/Marketing Manager at Amped Wireless. "Our new ATHENA Router was engineered with the multi-user household top of mind. In addition to providing the ultimate Wi-Fi coverage to virtually eliminate all dead spots, it delivers Wi-Fi to multiple devices at the same time so everyone can browse, game, stream and enjoy the Internet without delay or interruption. This Router will change the way your home experiences Wi-Fi."

"Qualcomm MU | EFX technology helps Wi-Fi networks multi-task like never before," said Gopi Sirineni, senior director of product management, Qualcomm Atheros, Inc. "Not only can routers support more devices at once, but the extra efficiency is designed to lead to 2-3 times faster connections for every MU-MIMO enabled smartphone, laptop, tablet and TV. We're pleased to provide this technology to Amped Wireless for such a stellar new router."
The ATHENA HighPower AC2600 Wi-Fi Router with MU-MIMO is now available to order. Visit to order yours today.

About Amped Wireless
Amped Wireless is an award-winning provider of long-range, wireless consumer and business communication products for the home and office. Ranked 16th in the 2013 Inc. 500 and 1st in the Computer Hardware Industry, Amped Wireless' mission is to develop the highest quality, long range wireless products through experience, passion, innovation and advanced technology that exceed customers' needs and expectations. For more information on Amped Wireless, The Leader in High Power Wireless Solutions, please visit the Amped Wireless website at

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