Church On The Move Enhances Worship Message With Renewed Vision ProPresenter

Dynamic lyric and media presentation software bring operational flexibility, quick learning curve to help large worship facility efficiently increase production output and quality

Alpharetta, GA, July 1, 2015 — Church on The Move, a large non-denominational church located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is enhancing its message of spirituality and hope with Renewed Vision's ProPresenter lyric and media presentation software. The flexible, intuitive and affordable software allows church members to easily present high-quality multimedia from dozens of computer workstations, supporting the production of live weekly services, on-demand television, and live streaming content over the Internet.

Originally designed for houses of worship like Church on The Move, ProPresenter software, now available in its version 6 release, allow beginners to feel confident in running the software with very minimal training. This ease of use and operation, and ProPresenter's quick learning curve, is a major benefit to worship facilities staffed mainly with non-technical volunteers.

For Andrew Stone, production manager at Church on the Move for the past decade, ProPresenter's ease of use and quick learning curve was critical to the church's mission—as outlined by church founder and longtime pastor Willie George—to have members create compelling and exciting production content that rivals any live concert or broadcast event.

"I can train a new person to use the software in about an hour, which is important because I don't want our volunteers overwhelmed by learning how to use this technology," said Stone. "I want them to feel good about their service and what they are doing for the Church. ProPresenter makes it easy to add titles, lyrics and other visual elements. Our technical staff has found new and creative ways with ProPresenter to add unique production values to our large screen displays for image magnification."

Church on The Move today has 36 ProPresenter workstations running ProPresenter 5, two with ProPresenter 4, and four of the original Renewed Vision ProVideoPlayer licenses. All are used daily to create lyrics and messaging for the large screens positioned at the front of the main 2,600-seat auditorium for church services, musical concerts, long and short form videos and other educational projects. For additional visual power, volunteers use ProPresenter to add lower-third and sidebar graphics, full screen slides, alpha-channel overlays, and countdown clocks. Stone adds that changes to text and images can be made at the last minute during services and events as required, empowering staff to continuously update content throughout performances.

ProPresenter is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) lyric and media presentation package built specifically to make high-quality live productions easy, with operators able to control presentations on one screen while dynamically presenting to an audience on one or more additional outputs. This operational flexibility also proves valuable for use at Church on The Move's summer camp, Dry Gulch USA, based in nearby Pryor, OK. The camp brings together approximately 5,000 youth each summer, and features several performance venues. For live performances, the mostly teenaged staff uses ProPresenter to build graphics and videos.

"I'm always amazed by what these kids and our church staff come up with, and ProPresenter gives them a flexible and intuitive platform to achieve new heights, as well as increase production output." said Stone. "We know that the way to hit our target audience is to provide them with compelling audio and video materials from which to learn and understand what the Church is all about. ProPresenter is extremely valuable to churches like ours because it's affordable and easy to use, yet gives us really high quality results. We continue to add new licenses as our campus and ministries grow because we believe in its ability to make our work simpler to create—and more meaningful to watch."

About Renewed Vision
Founded in 2000, Renewed Vision's mission is to offer reliable, purpose-built production software that enables organizations—spanning from churches to corporations—to create dynamic media experiences that enhance worship services, meetings and other special events. For more information on our product lines, including ProPresenter, ProVideoPlayer and ProVideoServer, please visit our website at

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