Prevent Water Damage With EcoNet's Automatic Water Shutoff for Home Automation Systems

Any computer or smart phone can be used to control, manage and configure this certified Z-Wave device from anywhere Internet access is available.

CLEARWATER, Fla., June 25, 2015 -- EcoNet Controls of Clearwater Florida, a manufacturer of "Unique Home Automation Devices & Solutions," has introduced its automatic water shutoff controller. The EBV105 is simple to install over an existing levered ball valve, no plumbing is required. The unit pairs as a standard Z-Wave Switch and is compatible with many home automation systems. It is easy to configure the device for automatic water shutoff to prevent water damage to a home or business. Any computer or smart phone can be used to control, manage and configure this certified Z-Wave device from anywhere Internet access is available.

Typically, the EBV105 receives its open and close commands through the wireless Z-Wave network. The toggled power button also opens and closes the valve. Although the device only requires 12V DC (1A) input, it has been mechanically geared with high torque and power to easily manage standard levered ball valves. The close and open cycle is a 90-degree turn that takes about 10 seconds. A clutch release allows hand operation of the valve in case of a power loss.

Several valve sizes are supported including the ½" and ¾" North American pipe standards. The EBV105 package comes complete with the valve controller/motor, AC Adapter, mounting bracket and quick user guide. Installation takes 5-10 minutes and no special tools or skills are required to install and configure the EBV100 water shutoff controller.

EcoNet also offers EBV105 starter kits that include a SmartThings HUB and wireless water leak sensors. These preconfigured kits will automatically turn off the water to your home or business, the instant a leak is detected. Multiple leak sensors are supported and when any one sensor detects a leak, the valve is closed and a notification alert is sent to the users Smartphone. The Alerts can be customized depending on the location of the leak. A typical installation would include a leak sensor in the laundry room, one by the kitchen sink/dishwasher and one by the hot water tank. The bonus with the Starter Kit is that the SmartThings HUB supports hundreds of other home automation devices.

The EBV105 has a list price of $125 U.S. and the basic EBV105 Starter Kit has a list price of $ 275 U.S. The water shutoff controller and Starter Kits are available for purchase now direct from EcoNet Controls. Discounts are available for qualified home automation distributors and installers.

EcoNet Controls, a division of ICI Controls, Inc., was formed in 1993. EcoNet designs and manufactures products with a focus on Unique Home Automaton Devices & Solutions.

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